About Srimati Arya Moon

Srimati Arya Moon,

Non-Denominational Ordained Minister, Priestess

Artist, Writer, Publisher

Srimati is a visionary artist, author, minister, and priestess of The Goddess. Srimati is also a publisher who makes coloring books and journals. Srimati's ceremonies, visionary art, coloring books, & journals celebrate the womb-bodied, sacred womanhood, the Earth Mother, and Femininity. Her coloring books are inspired by her visionary journeys and Divine Feminine/Goddess spirituality centered on the exploration of womanhood and Feminine self-realization. She has a series of journals, "My Moon Mood" journals, which were created as tools of support in menstrual cycle witnessing, cultivating a wholesome relationship with feelings and the body via somatics, and yoni steaming. On this website, you can explore Srimati's body of growing artwork and published books. 

In 2021, Srimati and her husband, Shamanic Priest Daniel Carpenter, began a community called "Kiss The Land", dedicated in service to the land, as a space to share with others the need for our sweet Mother Earth to be spiritually tended and ministered to by peoples of all religions and spiritual walks.


Srimati received her arts degree from the Academy of Art University of San Francisco. As a Priestess of The Goddess, Srimati has spent over 13 years cultivating her spirituality and connection to the Feminine Holy Spirit and Creatrix of Creation. Srimati is professionally trained and certified in yoni steaming and menstrual priestessing. Srimati is also a non-denominational ordained minister specializing in Divine Feminine Ministry with roots in Bridal Mysticism, Goddess-Honoring Animistic and Shamanic Christianity, Bhakti Yoga (RadhaKrishna Mysteries and Divine Union), and Ancient Earth/Fertility Honoring via the Wheel of the Year, honoring the movements of the planets, sun, moon, and Earth. In January of 2020, Srimati was initiated as a Shamanic Temple Priestess. She conducts sacred ceremonies and Shamanic journeywork that tie into her Priestess practices.

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About Srimati's Art

All of Srimati's paintings are inspired by Divine Femininity and her experiences in self-realization as a biological woman. Themes in her art, books, and writing include motherhood, Divine Union in sacred marriage, menstruation and womb connection, yoni steaming, Feminine potency, Feminine wisdom, and Divine Feminine awakening. The Goddess is woven into each piece of art she creates. Her art style is whimsical and playful, embuing rich color and expressive depth. 

Srimati uses acrylics, watercolors, and gouache paint on canvas and fine art paper. She also utilizes pen and ink and digital illustration for the creation of her coloring book art. She enjoys playing with fabrics, yarns, and dried flowers and paints to create ceremonial art pieces that she utilizes in her spiritual work. As a Lady of the House, Srimati enjoys crafting beautiful pieces that have multi-functional use in sacred ceremonies and as home decor.

Srimati as an artist enjoys sacred seclusion to focus her creative energy into her work. She takes deep dives into seclusionary meditation and ceremonial rituals to create all of her art, books, and offerings.

About Srimati's Family

Srimati has been married to her husband, Daniel Carpenter, for over 16 years. Both Srimati and Daniel practice Bhakti and Kundalini yoga together and are both initiated in Shamanic sight. Daniel apprenticed as a Shaman of the Way under Hanan Eisenman to assist Srimati in her healing work. Shortly after Daniel's initiation, Srimati was initiated as a Shamanic Temple Priestess and Daniel was initiated as Priest. Daniel conducts weekly Eucharist ceremony every Sunday and Srimati conducts all Sabbat and Esbat ceremonies as well as select Holy Day ceremonies from select traditions. 

Srimati and Daniel practice Divine Union and are in a sacred marriage together that honors both Heavenly Mother and Father. They live together with their nonbinary child, age 15, and cat family in Mount Shasta, California.


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