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About Srimati Arya Moon



Nonprofits We Give To

Social Responsiblity

Giving Back

Srimati Arya Moon donates 10% of all proceeds back to a range of nonprofits quarterly. To view the non profts we support, please see the lists below:

Women's Nonprofit Organizations

National Indigenous Women's

Resource Center

Women's Global Empowerment Fund

Global Fund for Women

Don't see a nonprofit you'd like us to support?

Contact us and tell us about the nonprofit you love and why you think we should become a donor and we will consider adding it to the list!

Indigenous Woman
Local Support

In the Heart of the Mount Shasta Community

Local Community Nonprofits we Support

Srimati Arya Moon is a proud member of the Mount Shasta Chamber of Commerce and donor to key non-profits in the Mount Shasta community, including the Mt Shasta Visitors Center, the Mount Shasta Bioregional Ecology Center, the Mount Shasta Trail Association, and the Siskiyou Land Trust.

Helping to protect and nourish our community, environment, and ecology.

About Srimati

About Srimati

Srimati (Allison Carpenter)

Artist, Designer, Educator

Srimati Arya Moon

Srimati is a spiritual artist and creative. Srimati received her arts degree in Fashion and Illustration from the Academy of Art University of San Francisco and has certifications in design disciplines in UX design and graphic design.

Srimati's expertise are in IT Education, Project Management, User Experience Design, Illustration, Painting (watercolor and acrylics), Digital Design and Illustration, Branding, and Print Design.


Srimati has lived with her family (husband and child), in the Mount Shasta community since 2007. 

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About Srimati's Art

All of Srimati's paintings are inspired by nature, the cosmos, natural cycles, and her experiences in self-realization and embodiment as a woman. Much of her art explores the female body and nude form. Her art style is whimsical and playful, imbuing rich color and expressive depth, focusing on connotative representation with sacred figures, archetypes, motifs, and symbols.

Srimati uses acrylics, watercolors, and gouache paint on canvas and fine art paper. She also utilizes pen and ink and digital illustration for the creation of her coloring book art. 

Srimati loves to practice yoga, read and learn, write, talk her husband's ear off, sew, craft, and garden and uses her dried herbs and flowers in art pieces and as home decor.

About Srimati's Photography

About Srimati's Photography

Srimati is a nature and alpine community enthusiast who loves and adores the ecological space of Mount Shasta. When the weather permits, you can find her galavanting around on mountain trails gushing over views of mountains, meadows, lakes, rivers, streams, and skies. Srimati loves taking pictures of her adventures and sharing them with the community.

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