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About Srimati Arya Moon

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Arts & Enrichment
Education for Women

Srimati Arya Moon is dedicated to the enrichment and learning of sensitive women who appreciate a caring and gentle approach.

Srimati Arya Moon is an enrichment learning space for women seeking to go deeper in educational topics, embodiment, creativity, and philosophy that speaks to the heart of womanhood and the female lifecycle, including menarche, motherhood, and beyond. Through classes, community gathering, art and writing, and monthly newsletters, Srimati Arya Moon gives you a variety of offerings that support you in cultivating creative, feminine, and sensitive ground in an embodied, stable, and practical way.

Educational offerings include: technology, creativity and design sessions and consultations, feminine life cycle archetypes, feminine cycling philosophy and support, somatic practice, yoga, nature awareness and spirituality, art, and so much more.

Enjoy Srimati's boutique art gallery, classes, community gatherings, and monthly newsletter, crafted specifically for women looking to celebrate creativity, nurturing relationships, nature connection, body wisdom, women's cycling wisdom, and women's philosophy and empowerment.  

Srimati Arya Moon means to honor the cycles and rhythms of life and be in union with the light, beauty, and abundance of nature. This spirit is woven within all of Srimati's art, educational, and community offerings.

About Srimati

Srimati (Allison Carpenter)

Yoga Teacher, Artist, and Educator

Srimati Arya Moon

Srimati is an educator, yoga teacher, artist, and creative. Srimati received her arts degree from the Academy of Art University of San Francisco and has certifications in embodied women's wellness arts and disciplines.

Srimati has continuing education in Yoga Teacher Training with Yoga Renew and continued education in Life Science, Community Wellness, Somatic Psychology, UX/Graphic Design, and the Humanities.

Srimati lives with her husband and child in Mount Shasta, California.

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About Srimati's Art

All of Srimati's paintings are inspired by nature, the cosmos, natural cycles, and her experiences in self-realization and embodiment as a woman. Much of her art explores the female body and nude form. Her art style is whimsical and playful, imbuing rich color and expressive depth, focusing on connotative representation with sacred figures, archetypes, motifs, and symbols.

Srimati uses acrylics, watercolors, and gouache paint on canvas and fine art paper. She also utilizes pen and ink and digital illustration for the creation of her coloring book art. 

Srimati loves to practice yoga, read and learn, write, talk her husband's ear off, sew, craft, and garden and uses her dried herbs and flowers in art pieces and as home decor.

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