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Welcome to Srimati Arya Moon Art and Ceremony, Divine Couple Ministry, and Mukunda Shamanic Healing.

I am Srimati Arya Moon and this site is the access point to my ceremonial services and artist/author portal. It is also the access point to my husband, Daniel Carpenter's, Shamanic Healing services, Mukunda Shamanic Healing, as well as to our Bhakti yoga ministry the Divine Couple Ministry.

Who are we?

We are a husband and wife healing and ministry team. Our focus is on heart-centered, ethical healing and ministry that is free of corrupt, malevolent, and inappropriate relating. We have strong codes of ethics that we adhere to in our healing work.

I am a Divine Feminine Ordained Minister and Priestess of the Mother Goddess. My ministry services are non-denominational but are rooted in Indigenous Judaism, Indigenous Goddess/Earth Honoring Pathways (roots in Northern Europe and India), Indigenous Shamanic Healing (with roots in Essene and Mukunda Shamanic lineages), Gnostic Christianity, Divine Union, and a strong focus on Bhakti Yoga (RadhaKrishna mysteries).


I am also a Divine Feminine visionary artist and writer. I create visionary works of art inspired by my visionary journey work, ceremonies, meditations, and awakened Feminine wisdom. I have a series of coloring books and journals that were crafted as tools for my Feminine ministry service to those desiring to deepen in Divine Union, Feminine embodiment, and Priestess practices. I also write wisdom articles on many topics ranging from trauma recovery to Bhakti yoga and Feminine enlightenment.

My husband, Daniel Carpenter, is an Ordained Minister and Shaman of The Way. He works with people, male and female, of all backgrounds to provide deep, ethical, and heart-centered Shamanic Healing and soul retrieval free of substances. He is also a wonderful friend and minister to men looking to deepen on the Spiritual path who are seeking ethical, moral, and compassionate male support, centered on a holistic understanding of Divine Masculine and Feminine Union.

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Our work is done symbiotically together to deliver clients healing, initiation, and transformation in key areas, including:

  • The restoration of wholesome Patriarchal codes in men and Matriarchal codes in women.

  • Divorcing from Corruption

  • Initiation into Divine Union (marrying the soul to God)

  • Whole Body Energy Healing

  • Soul Retrieval

  • Removal of Entities and Invasive Energies

  • Trauma Recovery

  • Selfhood and Sovereignty Restoration

  • Feminine Initiation and Rites of Passage Support (specific to Srimati as a Feminine Minister)

  • Ceremonial and Ministry Support

  • Healthy Relationship Dynamics and Sacred Reciprocity

  • Connecting with and serving the Mother Goddess

  • Sacred Temple Work

Ethics and Core Values

A Ministry of Ethics and Integrity

An important aspect of our ministry and healing services is to actively teach and purport ethics in spirituality and in consciousness communities. Our goal is to establish an interdependence such that we are engaging in a wholesome relationship based on the honoring of sacred reciprocity and one another's sovereignty, selfhood, and personal path. The goal is to minister and guide you into your own personal understanding, self-initiation, and revelation without codependency or developing a toxic group-think or power vacuum. Rather, the Divine Family (God) is always at the center and we are simply conduits that serve as healer/minister. This is an important matter of ethics for myself and my husband as Priestess and Shaman and is at the very root and core of our integrity therein.

No Substances

All of our (my husband and I's) journey work and ministry services are done free of substances. We are both completely sober (I took a vow of sobriety in my ministry and Priestess practice). We do not use hallucinogenics in our Shamanic practice. 


Core Values

Wholesomeness: We are focused on Holy Communion with the Divine Family (GOD-Father, Mother, Son, Daughter) to receive a wholesome understanding of life and self, as well as to receive correction and seek atonement for wrongdoing.

Sovereignty: Sovereignty is all about free will and Self-rule. It is a Divine gift from God that we are sovereign and free. We have taken vows to protect sovereignty and right to SELF and seek to honor and uphold that in all of our healing/ceremonial work.

Sacred Reciprocity: There is a sacred code in Heaven called "Sacred Reciprocity" that we honor and uphold. It is a value of personal responsibility and integrity where, rather than siphon off of one another and martyr ourselves, we erect solid boundaries, take personal responsibility for our energy, and connect in Divine Union to God and engage in honorable service to God. We teach sacred reciprocity to our clients and those we are in service to. Our work is honored with a clear energetic exchange between client and healer, which honors both the time and energy of healer and client and gives the client more accountability for how they are showing up for the healing/ceremony session and post healing integration and embodied action steps.  

Divine Union and Wholesome Understanding of Masculine/Feminine: We do not participate in the destruction and degradation of Masculine or Feminine and Patriarchy/Matriarchy, but rather seek to restore wholesome patriarchal codes in men and matriarchal codes in women and the honoring of each in both by the other. This is a matter of sovereignty and wholesome self-understanding. We are not seeking to femininize men or masculinize women, but rather connect and restore them respectively to their truth, an indigenous biological/spiritual initiation and wholesome rite of passage/selfhood that is intrinsic to their own understanding of them Self, as they know themselves to be. This is between the client and God, not us and the client, or what we want the client to be!

Honoring of the Heavenly Mother/Daughter and the Restoration of the Matriarchy in Women: We acknowledge that we are in a Spiritual dispensation that is revealing Divine Femininity/Feminine Truth as we head into the Aquarian Age. We are in service to the support of this dispensation and to the Mother Goddess and Her revelation while simultaneously respecting and honoring Father God and the Sacred Patriarchy.


 Srimati's Ministry: Serving the Feminine

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Serving The Feminine

I teach embodiment methods, wholesome relationship dynamics, and the beautiful mysteries and visions I have received from Mother Spirit through my books, art, and writing.


Over the years, I have come to realize the deep need that women have for ministry that touches on the very essence of womanhood and Divine Femininity, and what it means to walk this life as a woman through every age and stage. As an ordained minister, I feel called to take on this calling of ministering to women and provide women access to wisdom and ceremonies that honor her in all ways. My specialty is to guide women home to a deeply holistic and wholesome place connected with a loving Heavenly Mother, guide them into the sweet mellows of Divine Union, teach them how to inhabit their bodies and rewire their nervous system to experience safety and resiliency, and show them how to create stable and safe support systems that honor their sovereignty and sacred womanhood. All of the methods I utilize are grounded in proven techniques based on trauma recovery, neuroscience, ancient and time tested somatic yogic practices, and Shamanic healing married to ancient spiritual precepts and Divine communion.

My Feminine Ministry Covers Topics, Including:

  • Divine and Potent Creativity/Transformation

  • Divine Femininity and Sacred Womanhood

  • Spiritual Communion and Wisdom

  • Connecting with the Mother Goddess

  • Shamanic Healing and Sacred Temple Communion/Ceremony

  • Somatic Experiencing and Self Witnessing

  • Feminine Kundalini Yoga Practices and Womb Work

  • Bhakti Devotion and Divine Union

  • Wholesome Experiencing and Relationship Dynamics

  • Emotional Healing 

I invite you to get in touch if you’d like to connect and commune more deeply to gain a personal connection with my ministry. If you sign up for our Weekly Newsletter, we send out personal writings and connective emails inviting deeper community engagement. We'd (Daniel and I) love to connect more personally.

Peace and many blessings!

Jai Ma


Priestess and Divine Feminine Minister

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About Srimati and Daniel


Srimati Arya Moon

Divine Feminine Visionary Artist, Author, & Priestess

Ordained Minister | Bhakti Yoga

Daniel Carpenter

Shaman of the Way

Ordained Minister | Bhakti Yoga

Srimati Arya Moon is a Divine Feminine Visionary Artist, Author, Priestess, and Minister who creates magical, visionary works of art and books inspired by Divine Femininity and the Goddess. Srimati is a Priestess of the Goddess who conducts ceremonies and healings and creates artistic tools and paintings that go hand in hand with her ceremonial and healing work. She studied her BFA at the Academy of Art University of San Francisco from 2009-2012. In 2013, Srimati launched her Publishing studio, Ms Moon (www.msmoon.com), where she has published several coloring books and Feminine journals. From 2013-present day, Srimati has been building her body of art-work, with 7 years of professional experience working in the art, design, and publishing industry.

Srimati has been studying Bhakti yoga for 13 years as a spiritual adept. She is strongly connected to the Divine Feminine, which is woven throughout her art, and she receives potent Feminine wisdom and understandings that she writes about in her journals and blog.

Daniel Carpenter is a Shaman of the Way trained in the Essene Shamanic lineage by Hanan Eisenman. Daniel has worked as a householder at Wholesale Solar (now called Unbound Solar) in management and logistics for over 8 years. He has assisted Srimati in building her creative offerings and has supported her healing work while they both raised their family together in Mount Shasta, Ca. 

Srimati and Daniel practice sacred inner medicine work free of substances following an ancient indigenous Goddess honoring medicine pathway that serves God and the highest good while also being Earth-honoring, holistic, and celebratory of the Divine Feminine. All of their ceremonies and journey work are done in reverence to the Goddess and the Tree of Life and are based in the teachings of sacred reciprocity and Divine Union. They practice monogamy and Divine Union and have been married for 16 years. They currently live with their daughter in Mount Shasta.

© 2020 by Srimati Arya Moon

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