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Srimati's Mission

Welcome to Srimati Arya Moon Art and Ceremony, home of the Feminine Gnosis Community and my ministry, Priestess, and artist/author portal.

I am a Divine Feminine visionary artist, mystic, author, and Priestess. I am also an ordained minister.

I’m on a mission! My mission is to connect with feminine women and share in the joys, awakenings, and enlightenment of womanhood. My mission is to minister to you as a feminine spiritual woman through all the ages and stages of life. 

Join the Feminine Gnosis Community and I will teach you how to come home to your femininity in a holistic and heart-centered way, connect you to the Divine Mother Goddess, and teach you how to form a relationship with yourself and body that is honoring, sweet, and natural. I want to give you the tools to heal your emotional heart and inhabit your body without fear. I want to guide you in Feminine embodiment practices that can deeply root you to yourself and Feminine Spirit. Most of all, I want to immerse you in a deeply wholesome wholesomeness that is dripping with wholeness. Because wholesomeness is the very essence of Heaven and Divine Feminine that this world is in desperate need and want of!

Let me take you back to a truly innocent place with community, tools, art, books, and guides that can help you finally find the place inside of yourself you’ve been looking for.


Here you’ll learn About:

  • Divine and Potent Creativity/Transformation

  • Divine Femininity and Sacred Womanhood

  • Spiritual Communion and Wisdom

  • Connecting with the Mother Goddess

  • Somatic Experiencing and Self Witnessing

  • Womb Work

  • Bhakti Devotion and Divine Union

  • Wholesome Experiencing and Relationship Dynamics

  • Emotional Healing via Shamanic Journey Work 

My Story

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Who Am I?

I was born Allison Jane Kidd and married to become Allison Jane Carpenter. Later in life, I was initiated as Srimati Arya Moon by my Bhakti spiritual teacher. Srimati Arya Moon means "Noble Goddess of the Moon Married to God". This name describes my sacred path in this life: to teach Feminine women moon womb mysteries, embodied wisdom (gnosis), the Feminine creative and transformation cycle, and Divine Union (marriage to God).

I have been married in a monogamous, stable, and loving marriage to my husband, Daniel Carpenter, for 16 years and have one daughter, who is now 15. I am deeply rooted and grounded in the beautiful mountains in Mount Shasta, California, which has been my home for over 13 years.

My Journey

I was raised in a state of prolonged trauma from the age of 7 on upward and into my adulthood. At 18, I entered the world in a deeply dysregulated and fractured state—suicidal and terribly mentally disturbed with bipolar depression and childhood PTSD. It took me years to discover the root of my problems, which was a massive amount of soul loss and incredibly unhealthy relationship dynamics, and find methods and teachings that helped to bring my soul pieces back home and heal these dysregulated states. Before arriving there, I lived many stressful years interacting with and caretaking for family members with emotional/mental/physical illness rooted in generational trauma, genetic predisposition, domestic abuse, and severe addiction.

Guided by the Feminine to Come Back Home


The Divine Feminine was the one who guided me on a path back to a balanced, nurturing, and grounded space free of any malevolent relating. In order to heal, I needed to get my soul pieces back, feel all the feelings I had suppressed inside of me, finally truly process and witness my trauma at a safe distance from any of the fractured relationships that caused it, and relearn how to live life and relate with others from a truly wholesome place. It took me many years of practicing, seeking, and journeying to finally discover and integrate real methods based in psychology and ancient yogic and Shamanic Feminine practices to heal body, mind, and soul more deeply.

Blossoming Gifts


This healing path led to the revelation of the body of work I teach and ancient wisdom/potent creativity that easily flows from within my being on a regular basis. I am also an initiated Priestess to the Mother Goddess and do Feminine Shamanic Temple work in journey space with the Goddess as my guide. I have a large body of artwork and published books through my publishing company, Ms Moon. I have accomplished this alongside my beautiful husband, who in order to support my healing, apprenticed and was initiated as a Shaman of the Way by Hanan Eisenman. Daniel turned out to be a key player in my healing, Shamanic awakening, and Priestess initiation with the Goddess. He has supported me all these years while I walked the seemingly impossible healing path and accomplished a great deal professionally and spiritually. 

Healthy Relationships

As a result of all of this healing, my family relationships with my husband and daughter have never been better and I have never felt so clear, stable, and in myself as I am now. I do not need medication to manage my mental states and every day I integrate more and more wholesomeness into my being. My husband and I have achieved a beautiful and sweet union that literally feels like Heaven on Earth. We are connected, emotionally expressive, and fluid with one another. We respect one another and work together in our household for peace and prosperity in our respective roles as husband and wife with myself as a Priestess, artist, and homemaker and him working to make a living for our family and household. He is incredibly loving and sweet to me and serves me while deeply honoring the sacredness of my womanhood.

 Srimati's Ministry: Serving the Feminine

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Serving The Feminine

I now teach embodiment methods, wholesome relationship dynamics, and the beautiful mysteries and visions I have received from Mother Spirit through my books, art, and writing (which are a great place to get started in getting to know my ministry service).


Over the years, I have come to realize the deep need that women have for ministry that touches on the very essence of womanhood and Divine Femininity, and what it means to walk this life as a woman through every age and stage. As an ordained minister, I feel called to take on this calling of ministering to women and provide women access to wisdom and ceremonies that honor her in all ways. My specialty is to guide women home to a deeply holistic and wholesome place connected with a loving Heavenly Mother, guide them into the sweet mellows of Divine Union, teach them how to inhabit their bodies and rewire their nervous system to experience safety and resiliency, and show them how to create stable and safe support systems that honor their sovereignty and sacred womanhood. All of the methods I utilize are grounded in proven techniques based on trauma recovery, neuroscience, ancient and time tested somatic yogic practices, and Shamanic healing married to ancient spiritual precepts and Divine communion.

A Ministry of Ethics and Integrity

An important aspect of my ministry is to teach women interdependence such that we are engaging in a wholesome relationship based on the honoring of sacred reciprocity and one another's sovereignty, selfhood, and personal path. I will never attempt to read your energy field or tell your future or lifepath, manipulate you to follow my belief system, or engage in inappropriate interpersonal relationships with you. Furthermore, as a matter of ethics, I do not engage in relationships that attempt to place me on a pedestal and worship me like a guru, goddess, or spiritual leader or create a siphoning dynamic. Rather the goal is to simply minister and guide you into your own personal understanding, self-initiation, and revelation without codependency or developing a toxic group-think or power vacuum with myself at the center as a spiritual mother or "queen bee". This is an important matter of ethics for myself and my husband as Priestess and Shaman and is at the very root and core of our integrity therein.

I do provide access to my blog where I freely write about my own personal path and understanding of the wisdom teachings I have received from the Goddess and my own point of view on society in relation to this, however, I do not claim this to be a religion or the only spiritual path in life and I value diverse perspectives. I honor all spiritual paths, cultures, and diversity and take great joy from studying various cross-cultural paths to see the way they are all connected to One truth, which is the glorification and immersion in the Heavenly Family. My coloring book, "The Potent Woman" was created as a celebration of this diversity.

No Substances

All of our (my husband and I's) journey work and ministry services are done free of substances. I myself am completely sober as I took a vow of sobriety in my ministry and Priestess practice.

A Feminine Honoring Ministry

I am a non-denominational minister. However, my ministry is based on ancient codes and teachings from paleolithic Judaism, Gnostic Christianity, Essene Shamanism, and Kundalini and Bhakti Yoga (RadhaKrishna Mysteries). The main focus of my ministry is the acknowledgment, communion, and honoring of a Divine Mother Goddess, who guides my ministry and this sacred space with her own instructed boundaries, wisdom teachings, and guidelines. My husband and I both minister separately to men and women respectively, and when we conduct ministering to the opposite gender, we do so together in order to adhere to our ethical guidelines and create safe space for both men and women. The Feminine Gnosis Community, the access point to my Feminine ministry, is a safe space specifically for Feminine identifying beings. 


The Feminine Gnosis Community 

I am launching the Feminine Gnosis Community as an access point to my ministry services. You can join in this free community (still under construction with a release date coming soon!) by signing up for my mailing list (below). Additionally, you can learn more about my body of work by viewing my coloring books and journals in the "Books" section.

And lastly, I invite you to get in touch if you’d like to connect and commune more deeply to gain a personal connection with my ministry. Every week I set aside office hours specifically for Seva (free-service) ministering. I am very approachable and happy to minister freely to those in need of spiritual witnessing and guidance as an act of service to the Divine Mother in an official ministering capacity, within the boundaries of my Seva office hours.

Peace and many blessings!

Jai Ma


Priestess and Ordained Minister

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About Srimati


Srimati Arya Moon

Divine Feminine Visionary Artist, Author, & Priestess

Ordained Minister | Gnostic Christian | Bhakti Yogini

Srimati Arya Moon is a Divine Feminine Visionary Artist, Author, and Priestess who creates magical, visionary works of art and books inspired by Divine Femininity and the Goddess. Srimati is a Priestess of the Goddess who conducts ceremonies and healings and creates artistic tools and paintings that go hand in hand with her ceremonial and healing work.

Srimati and her husband, Daniel Carpenter (Ordained Minister and Shaman of The Way) practice sacred inner medicine work free of substances following an ancient paleolithic Goddess honoring medicine pathway that serves God and the highest good while also being Earth-honoring, holistic, and celebratory of the Divine Feminine. All of their ceremonies and journey work are done in reverence to the Goddess and the Tree of Life and are based in the teachings of sacred reciprocity and Divine Union. They practice monogamy and Divine Union and have been married for 16 years. They live with their daughter in Mount Shasta, Ca.

Education and Career:

Srimati Arya Moon studied her BFA at the Academy of Art University of San Francisco from 2009-2012 focusing on fashion merchandising, design, and illustration. From 2007-2009 she studied at College of the Siskiyous focusing on art and graphic design.

Born and raised as a Mormon, Srimati has always had a close connection to God and Christian teachings. As an adult, after birthing her daughter, Srimati and her husband underwent a spiritual awakening and were called to Mount Shasta to deepen in their spirituality centered in Bhakti Yoga, Christianity, and Radha/Krishna Devotion. From 2006-present day Srimati has spent years as a spiritual adept, studying and meditating in esoteric teachings centered on the Divine Feminine, Divine Union, and sacred relationship dynamics with a focus in Bhakti Yoga, Gnostic Christianity, and Feminine Transformation. Srimati takes months-long dives into deep, solitary meditation to create her works of art, journals, coloring books, and ceremonial tools.

In 2013, Srimati launched her Publishing studio, Ms Moon (www.msmoon.com), where she has published several coloring books and Feminine journals. From 2013-present day, Srimati has been building her art and design client/portfolio, with 7 years of professional experience working in the art, design, and publishing industry.

If you wish to get in touch with Srimati regarding client or commission work, contact her here.

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