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We are one inter-connected community and Web of Life.

When we understand the interconnectedness of reality, we can move from a space of deep-bodied safety, support, connection, and resourcing. We are never alone, never disconnected from the greater whole of life that always wants to connect with and provide for us. We always have access to safety and goodness resources, we just need to learn how to access them and program resources and new pathways in our neurological system—our body. 

This is not abstract philosophy. It is operating from evidence based techniques found in neuroscience and somatic psychology. Trauma informed somatic education and embodied practice are the portals of access. Somatic arts and science ground; the body leads; spirituality, nature, and mind support, provide, and nourish with resources, awareness, and presence. We move from an ecological, bottom-up approach, supported by a top-down interface. When grounded in the body and natural ecological space, that interface between Spirit-Mind-Body becomes a powerful portal of self-knowing as we discover the Creator in and as the Creation in a safe, rooted, self-contained, and stable way.

My expertise is connecting you to resources, education, and embodied somatic practice that will ground you in the body safely so you can explore the art of spiritual and creative embodiment without self-destructing. I couple this with nourishing Feminine spiritual wisdom, nature connection and communion, creative arts exploration and expression, support, community, and safe social engagement.

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Somatic Arts and Ceremony:
Embodied Community
for Spiritual Women

If you would like to take part in my community space and receive resources and support on your embodiment journey, you can do so by signing up for the free-access community newsletter.

This is a free-access connective newsletter focused on community and resourcing, both of which are very dear to my heart. 

The newsletters I send out are safe, sacred containers of connection, insight, creativity, embodiment, interpersonal sharing, community gathering, collaboration, and community news.

I share a range of both free and paid for offerings, products, and services to meet the needs of diverse ecological realities.

The pinnacle of the newsletter is a free Community Monthly Ministry E-zine I send out at the first of every month. This Ezine is chalk full of goodies, resources, practices, and insights designed to be nourishing and supportive. To explore more about this and to sign up for the newsletter community, follow the link below:

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About Srimati Arya Moon
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Srimati Arya Moon

Somatic Arts and Ceremony (SAMSAC)

Srimati Arya Moon means to honor and be in union with the Glory of Creation and the cycles and rhythms that govern it. The founder of Srimati Arya Moon, Allison Carpenter (who goes by Srimati), dreamed of creating a community gathering space that celebrated and honored the Divine Feminine as the Creator in the Creation. She envisioned providing resources, connection, hope, and community to women struggling to find a place in late-stage societal patriarchy, creating a gathering space rooted in the practice of yoga, somatic arts, feminine spirituality, nourishing ceremony, ethics, self-expression, and creativity. 

SAMSAC seeks to create a community and well-of-resources for spiritual women to access, cradled by beauty, ceremony, creativity, artistry, and the Spirit of Nature experienced in the body. Srimati believes every human can experience the Creator in the Creation, called the Web of Life in Shamanic traditions, within their own body through the felt sense experience. In her yoga tradition, this experience is called Wahe Guru; the ecstatic felt sense experience of Self-illumination unveiling in the body. The Somatic Arts practices taught at SAMSAC seek to provide a gateway to this experience through safe, ethical, trauma-informed embodiment and uplifting, dogma free spiritual community.

About Srimati

Srimati (Allison Carpenter)

YTT 200, Feminine Wisdom Ordained Minister, Artist, and Educator

Feminine Somatic Arts, Ministry, Education

Srimati Arya Moon

Srimati is a trauma informed, feminine Somatic Arts educator and yoga teacher. Srimati received her arts degree from the Academy of Art University of San Francisco and has certifications in embodied women's wellness arts and spirituality disciplines.

Srimati has continuing education in Yoga Teacher Training with Yoga Renew and continued education in Life Science, Community Wellness, Somatic Psychology, UX, and the Humanities.

Srimati is an ardent student of the Life Sciences and believes the path to safe embodiment is paved through trauma and science informed, evidence based practice fused with the rich beauty and wisdom traditions of Somatic Arts and spirituality found in embodied spiritual and creative arts practices around the world. Srimati loves to explore the rich wisdom teachings of Shakti-Bhakti, Kundalini and Hatha Yoga, Divine Feminine Daoism, Sikhism, Divine Feminine Native American Spirituality, and Feminine Womb Shamanism.

Srimati lives with her husband and child in Mount Shasta, California.

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About Srimati
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About Srimati's Art

All of Srimati's paintings are inspired by nature, the cosmos, natural cycles, and her experiences in self-realization and embodiment as a woman. Much of her art explores the female body and nude form. Her art style is whimsical and playful, imbuing rich color and expressive depth, focusing on connotative representation with sacred figures, archetypes, motifs, and symbols.

Srimati uses acrylics, watercolors, and gouache paint on canvas and fine art paper. She also utilizes pen and ink and digital illustration for the creation of her coloring book art. 

Srimati is currently not selling any original art, but she does offer reproductions of her art through her print shop through Fine Art America and Pixels.

Srimati loves to practice yoga, read and learn, write, talk her husband's ear off, sew, craft, and garden and uses her dried herbs and flowers in art pieces and as home decor.

About Srimati's Art
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