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New Release: The Potent


Coloring Book Illustrated by Feminine Visionary Artist Srimati Arya Moon

"A potent woman is a woman who knows who she is and is not afraid to stand powerfully in her spirit." -Srimati Arya Moon

Explore the countenance of potency through 33 coloring pages of diverse and spiritual women.

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Cosmic WOnders

Discover the beautiful art of Srimati Arya Moon and dive deep into a coloring experience that will leave you inspired and transformed through hours of meditative coloring. Journey into the mysterious, romantic world of Cosmic Wonders that takes you on a deep dive into the basic principal of Eastern Mysticism that the universe is a dance between masculine and feminine spirit energy. Explore the mystical cosmos in this coloring adventure; with 25 full illustration spreads, Cosmic Wonders will leave you with hours of fantastical and mystical coloring designed to bring you in touch with your soul essence.

$20 Economy Edition: Soft, gloss cover 55# paper Recommended for ages 14+

$30.06 Special Edition: Hard cover gloss, 75# paper, with bonus content-4 bonus mandalas.

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Down to Earth

Connect with nature and your Feminine Essence with this gorgeous coloring book of Divinely Feminine illustrations by artist Srimati Arya.  Enjoy coloring pretty, feminine earth goddesses, soulful animals, patterns, and spiritual mandalas drawn in the unique style of Srimati. All coloring pages are single pages with a .5" border on 55# paper.


This book includes 25 pages of sweet, innocent, and whimsical coloring for girls and women over 8 who like detailed coloring.


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My Moon Mood Journal

“My Moon Mood Journal” is a comprehensive menstrual study journal designed for a woman to get deeply intimate with herself and her cycle. This journal takes you on a journey into the nature of feelings and emotions, teaches principles on somatic self-witnessing and Feminine embodiment, and guides you through every facet of the menstrual “moon” cycle. Within 3 months’ time of dedicated journaling and daily embodiment practice, “My Moon Mood Journal” will have you feeling more connected to your body and sense of self than ever before. My Moon Mood Journal Includes: •Feeling Alchemy Guide •Feeling Embodiment Practices •Menstrual Cycle Guide •Cycle Archetype Guide •Healing Themed Coloring Pages •3 Months Daily Feminine Cycle Journaling •3 Months of Daily Emotions & Feeling Journaling •3 Month Calendar System to Record & Plan around the Moon & Menstrual Cycle


Recommended for women ages 18+


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My Moon Mood  Planning Journal

Connect lovingly with your body, cycle, and rhythm and discover the power of planning around your moontime.This 3 month continuation journal of the original "My Moon Mood Journal" has everything you need to plan your month and day around your Feminine Cycle all in one place. With a weekly planner added to the original journaling pages and calendar system of "My Moon Mood Journal," this journal makes planning, dropping into the body, and witnessing the Feminine Cycle a breeze.*Recommended as a continuation journal for those who have already completed a study of the original "My Moon Mood Journal." This Journal Includes: •Weekly Planning Pages •Daily Feelings Journaling •Daily Feminine Cycle Journaling •100% Customizable for any Month or Year •Monthly Check-in Pages with Slots for Affirmations, Goal Setting, Ritual/Ceremony Planning, & More! •3 Month Calendar System to Record & Plan around the Moon & Menstrual Cycle


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My Moon Mood 

Yoni Steam Journal

This beautifully crafted journal and guide contains all of the information you need to begin a yoni steam practice. Whether you are experienced or new to this sacred art, this journal is designed to add deeper insight into your practice and take you on a journey into the gnosis of plant medicine and the Feminine Spirit to experience more connection, embodied wisdom, and wellness."My Moon Mood Yoni Steam Journal" includes: Detailed Guides: •Yoni Steam Guide •Unlocking Gnosis •Choosing and Foraging Plants •10 Plant Guide with Illustrations •How to Yoni Steam Guide with added Spiritual Feminine PracticesJournal Sheet Sets: 45 Sheet Sets for Journaling •15 Single Plant Sheet Sets •15 Synergistic Plant Sheet Sets •15 Continuation Sheet Sets


Recommended for 18+


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