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Design your passion project and bring your vision to life!

If you have a passion project that needs creative and art direction, I have something to share with you!

You want someone who is going to hold your project with care and with powerful, inner vision guided by industry standards in empathetic research and innovative design.

Maybe you want the experience and end product to be artistic too. You want someone who is sensitive and gets the soul of an artist. (Psst….that’s me!)

If you are seeking creative, illustrative design that cares BIG you’ve come to the right place!

My specialty is in industry-standard practices in empathy and creative ideation to discover design solutions that are infused with the forces of nature, use up-to-date technology, and are informed on by art and design principles—classic, modern, and contemporary. 

Let's Disrupt the Status Quo Together

It's not enough that it looks professional, it's got to sing with life and push the boundaries and the status quo a bit!

If you're tired of being pushed around and want to push back...even a little...we can do that!

Because I'm not afraid to do that. My work naturally pushes the boundaries and is a voice for the underserved, especially for the invisible and unseen woman. I work with people who have typically been left to the wayside, with messages that are yearning to be heard. 

My passion is to help you find your voice and speak! We accomplish that with beautiful, polished product design!

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​Let’s make some noise and give your vision or passion project a chance at life. View my services and portfolio to find out what I can do for you.

Caring Creatively,

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Boutique Design Services

Flower meadow acrylic art purples pinks by Srimati

Caring Creatively

Art and Design Services

Build Your Passion Project!

-Personal Art

-Licensed Art


-Art Direction

-Branded Design

-Logos and Business Cards

-Creative Assets 

-Creative Publication/Book Design

-Book and Album Covers: Art and Typography

-Book Illustration

-Card Decks and Print Products

-Responsive Web Design

-Product Labels and Package Design

-Presentation Layouts and Graphs

-Blog Illustrations/Graphics



Srimati Arya Moon Roots

Lily flower art pink green watercolor art by Srimati

Caring Creatively

"Connecting You with

the Caring, Creative Force!"


My mission is to create a pathway for you to actualize your vision and discover design solutions through beautiful, intentional art and design infused with creative, life-giving power that cares BIG. That might sound airy-fairy, but it's accomplished with practical, industry-standard tools in technology solutions, research, empathy-building, ideating, prototyping, testing, and project completion/reiteration. 

Serving a Caring, Creative Community

Srimati Arya Moon is located in Mount Shasta, California, but provides remote services across the United States. Srimati (also known as Allison Carpenter) has been a valuable member of the Mount Shasta community for over fifteen years. She has spent years volunteering in schools and local community projects. She has completed art and graphic design work for local organizations, including Berryvale Grocery; Soul Connections; The Siskiyou County Sheriff Search and Rescue Association; the Yreka Gardens, Parks, and Greenways Association; the former Siskiyou County Arts Council; and Shasta County WIC.

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