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This is a free community Newsletter designed to bring a smile to your face, support you in your work and everyday living, and bring connection.

Our focus here is on connection, bridging communities, building ethics, living values, celebrating spiritual diversity and women, and providing uplifting content that will brighten your day, all connected to Matriarchal Wisdom.

Our Community Newsletter is released monthly

at the first of every month and includes:

  • Books of the Month

  • Womb Wisdom/Archetype of the Month

  • Monthly Astro-Cycle/Moon Check-in: Clan Mother, Astrology, and Moon Themes

  • Arts and Mini Comic Section

  • Monthly Themed Spiritual Articles

  • Women in Spirituality Celebration

  • Calendar with Interfaith major Holy Days, moon dates, and information on upcoming gatherings and ceremonies.

  • Opportunities to connect in community groups and free community connection sessions.

  • Special Features: Collaborations with the Community

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