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13th Moon Cycle Clan Mother: Becomes Her Vision

Becomes Her Vision:

The Mother of Alchemical Changes and Rites of Passage into Wholeness

Clan Mother of the 13th Moon Cycle: December-January in between Moon.

Color: Crystal

Far left Pictured: Medicine Shield of the 13th Clan Mother by Jamie Sams

Becomes Her Vision: Poem by Jamie Sams

The waking dream comes to life

And lives her vision through me.

Emerging from the chrysalis,

She sets her healed heart free.

Mother of the seeds of change,

Who nurtures them as they grow,

You planted a dream in my heart

To illuminate all that I know.

You taught me how to give away

My fear of becoming the dream,

Showing me how to walk my truth,

Reclaiming self-love and esteem.

As I become all that I am,

Then together we shall fly,

The spirit of transformation

Reflected in Condor’s eye.

How to Connect with Becomes Her Vision:

  • Set a goal and accomplish it.

  • Envision and dream.

  • Embrace change.

  • Practice being in the I Am presence of BEING.

  • Broaden your horizons.

  • Learn how to be all things and nothing simultaneously.

Sacred Mantra of Appreciation: Ek Ong Kar Sat Guru Prasad:

Meaning: The Creator and Creation are One: I receive the grace and abundance of the True Unveiling Wisdom of the Great Mystery.

Chant this mantra whenever you desire to experience the abundance and beauty of your soul.

Learn More About this Clan Mother:

You can purchase this book here to follow along the Clan Mother Wheel of the Year *

*I do not earn a profit from the sale of this book.

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