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1st Moon Cycle Clan Mother: Talks with Relations

Updated: Jan 22

Talks with Relations:

The Mother of Nature

Clan Mother of the 1st Moon Cycle: January Moon.

Color: Orange

Far left Pictured: Medicine Shield of the 1st Clan Mother by Jamie Sams

Talks with Relations: Poem by Jamie Sams

Mother of Nature talks with her kin,

Stone Person,

Wild Flower,

And Wolf are her friend.

Weaving the rhythms of the seasons,

She rides the winds of change,

Opening her heart with gladness,

A shelter from hunger and pain.

Guardian of the needs of the Earth,

Making relatives great and small,

Mother, I see you in the dewdrop,

I hear you in the Eagle’s call.

How to Connect with Talks with Relations:

  • Commune with nature

  • Speak to and listen to animals, plants, stones, and other beings of the Web of Life

  • Learn the rhythms of other creatures by mimicking them

  • Connect with loved ones by embracing empathy and walking a mile in their shoes

  • Cultivate and nurture all of your Relations

Sacred Mantra of Connection: Ek Ong Kar

Meaning: The Creator and Creation are One

Chant this mantra whenever you desire to experience connection with the Web of Life

Learn More About this Clan Mother:

You can purchase this book here to follow along the Clan Mother Wheel of the Year *

*I do not earn a profit from the sale of this book.