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3rd Moon Cycle Clan Mother: Weighs the Truth

Weighs the Truth:

The Mother of Self-Determination and Responsibility

Clan Mother of the 3rd Moon Cycle: March Moon.

Color: Brown

Far left Pictured: Medicine Shield of the 3rd Clan Mother by Jamie Sams

Weighs the Truth: Poem by Jamie Sams

Oh Keeper of ancient knowing,

Whisper your wisdom to me,

That I may always remember

Life’s sacred mystery.

The stories of the Grandmothers,

Brave deeds, great and small,

The progress of the Faithful,

Who answer our Mother’s call.

The cycles and the seasons

That mark our every change,

The rebirth of our visions

The spirit we have reclaimed.

Here truth is the victor

Of the war that dwells within,

Bringing every human heart

To celebration in the end.

How to Connect with Weighs the Truth:

  • When making judgments and issuing discernment, focus on all of the nuances of the situation, judging the situation with empathy and compassion.

  • Exercise an understanding heart.

  • If you have children, rather than punishing them, provide them the opportunity to learn how to understand others by giving them empathy learning activities when they err.

  • Focus on healing solutions instead of what is wrong.

  • Try to see past the immediate negative into dynamics and what dynamics are creating harm. Provide solutions that resolve those dynamics and teach wholeness.

Learn More About this Clan Mother:

You can purchase this book here to follow along the Clan Mother Wheel of the Year *

*I do not earn a profit from the sale of this book.

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