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4th Moon Cycle Clan Mother: Looks Far Woman

Looks Far Woman:

The Mother of Visions, Dreams, and Psychic Impressions

Clan Mother of the 4th Moon Cycle: April Moon.

Color: All Pastels

Far left Pictured: Medicine Shield of the 4th Clan Mother by Jamie Sams

Looks Far Woman: Poem by Jamie Sams

Mother teach me how to see

The shining light of stars,

The faces of the ancestors,

In worlds both near and far.

Show me how to welcome

The visions appearing to me,

Seeing the truth in detail,

Unraveling each mystery.

Walk me through the dreamtime

Of altered time and space,

That I may share these visions

With every creed and race

Doorkeeper of all dimensions,

I seek your medicine ways

Of how to earth my visions,

Seeing truth, inside me, today.

How to Connect with Looks Far Woman:

  • Protect yourself when utilizing psychic abilities or spiritual gifts by saying a prayer of protection and calling in protector guides.

  • Use your spiritual gifts for the good of humanitiy.

  • Go deeper in psychic and dreamtime exploration in a safe and stable way.

  • Always use your gifts for good.

Learn More About this Clan Mother:

You can purchase this book here to follow along the Clan Mother Wheel of the Year *

*I do not earn a profit from the sale of this book.