Activating Divine Romance

Updated: Jul 17

A common teaching in bhakti-yoga is that one will not achieve satisfaction/peace until they've ended all sense gratification and engaged fully in devotional service to the Lord.

I'd like to break that down to not sound as body shaming.

What this teaching is saying is that true happiness and peace is achieved when one shifts the focus from externally directed action to internal union in the heart center, essentially unifying all aspects of the self in the heart and devoting all sensory and external experience and action to that spiritual union. It's not about denying the body and the earth/material, but consecrating it in the heart in devotion to God/Spirit from a space of union, merging the Feminine and Masculine in marriage.

One of the ways I practice this is by every day communing in my heart space with God and ceremonially marrying myself to Him, then I consecrate my day/life to him and practice somatic (yogic) witnessing from that space. This is a feminine practice that essentially places me in the position of the Divine Feminine merging my being with my Beloved, God, so my experience of it is Divine Romance, and that actually completely activates my senses as an act of devotion and celebration to God.

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