Being a Supportive Sister in Trauma Recovery

"Doorway to Myself" Inked Art from the Coloring Book "Down to Earth" by Srimati.

One of things I am doing is asking myself what is the medicine that is needed in meeting with other women of varying backgrounds, who have experienced deep trauma and soul loss.

I've observed that so many women have adopted beliefs and programs that actually cause them to throw these people out of their heart while they express things like;

You are your vibration

Just come to my group, we know the answer

Women aren't victims

Victim consciousness is beneath me

Women just need to trust and respect men

That's just your ego

Slay your ego

There is a hardness to the interaction that reduces the woman down to her energy. Rather than seeing her for her lived experiences and honoring the true life she has walked, where there may be horrifying and violent atrocities committed against her, there is a reductionist approach that encourages her to gaslight herself and enter into silence and bury herself in another ideology "to heal".

The problem is, with those pathways she runs away from herself, and eventually everything she was running from comes crashing back upon her. It's not healed she just covers it with a mask of "quantum leap" and "killing my ego".

A traumatized and fractured woman is a special case. It's a handle with care scenario. Certain relationship advice isn't going to work for her. Certain spiritual advice isn't going to work for her. Certain dieting advice isn't going to work for her. Suggestions that are well meaning aren't going to work. Where she is at may be in need of something else entirely.

Those who are trauma informed understand this. They understand what it is they are working with. They have the appropriate background to handle that situation. They believe in the person and don't gaslight them out of their experience.

What I am observing in many false teachings is a lack of this sensitivity, trauma denial and no support in community for trauma, rather ideology that actually takes advantage of a traumatized and fractured person and places them in a power/control dynamic where they become easy to manipulate. This eventually leads to cult-like practices of literal brain washing and manipulation that can hold these people in systems of thought that don't actually heal them and truly are not good for them, but drive them deeper and deeper into identity destruction to the point that they eventually find themselves in crisis. They've been told they are sovereign but not a single thing they speak is an original thought, it's repeating someone else's philosophy. Their identity and sense of selfhood is lost to them and replaced a so-called empowered model.

I've been in and out of these communities since I first began my awakening journey back in 2006. They are rampant, corrupt, and a real problem for Shamamic/healing practitioners because they create more destruction than they heal, only known to the person after they leave the community. The goal for these communities isn't healing, it's manipulation, siphoning, and dark magic.

While there, those communities wanted me to only see my divine self. The human me and her needs got lost in a dangerous philosophy. I was told "it doesn't matter what happened to you. Just focus on" insert ideology.

This never worked for me and more and more people are discovering it is a model that fails traumatized and soul fractured people.

We are more than our vibration. We are living, breathing humans with complex body systems that store memories of our experiences within the system.

In my line of work, what people are bringing to me is the worst part of their history. And I'm not here to gaslight these people and convince them they aren't victims. We're heading straight into the victim to recover what was lost and bring them the justice they deserve. We are not telling them to put up with abuse, forgive and forget, or stay silent in that face of corruption.

We get to the root and never encourage the patient to lose sight of themselves or dissolve their identity, rather to accept and move through the healing process in all of its ugliness. And they take the reigns so that whatever identity transformation occurs is not willed upon them by an outside agent. It's through their TRUE sovereignty, connection to Source, freedom from outside manipulations (including from self professed "gurus"), and releasing all the programs and systems of beliefs that was holding her self identity in a cage, labeled as "ego", held away from being able to truly love and embrace her many identities, her many selves. Even the victim. Even the traumatized parts. No part of her is destroyed or left behind. It's brought back home and witnessed and heard and honored.

© 2020 by Srimati Arya Moon

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