Can We. Must We. Try.

Updated: Oct 15

Art from the Coloring Book "Cosmic Wonders" by Srimati

Can we. Must we. Try.

Consciousness is beautiful but sometimes it becomes our worst enemy when we break it down into microscopic fractures that take to life in our mind. We are left with a million voices vying for our attention and the polarization shredding us.

Can we can simply exist with what is showing up without compartmentalizing and polarizing ourselves?

Just be with it.


And when an awareness comes to us and desired action, we trust what is spoken to us without ever destroying our own voice and putting on a mask. Without letting others voices speak for us.

It's so very hard I know. Groups of identity. Religion. Spouses. Children. Friends. The opposition is so great and mighty.

But we must always come back to our voice and what it needs to be uncaged, even from our tendency to polarize against our own voice.

Don't commit violence against yourself. Your ego isn't something to kill, it helps you reality test. It is necessary. Stop hating and dismantling it. Marry it to wisdom and wisdom will show you the way.

© 2020 by Srimati Arya Moon

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