Choose your Healer Wisely

"Healing" Art by Srimati

When you're choosing to work with an energy practitioner, consider that it's not really the personality you're working with, but what's behind them. What is working through them and is it aligned to the highest and to God? You also want to feel out for any maligned dynamics. When they speak of sovereignty, what are they speaking to? Do they understand the levels of corruption present in the world that impacts a person's sovereignty consciousness and does their work involve operating compassionately with those in mind? Are they vilifying ego and victimhood and encouraging bypassing of the corrupt aspects? Are they fierce advocates of selfhood, justice, and atonement and do they call out evil for what it is? This is an important consideration because if a practitioner is denying corruption/evil, they are likely not going to be able to acknowledge deep layers of captivity that the soul has and is in need of liberation and restoration around. They also likely have ties to that corruption that they are blind to because they aren't willing to see it and understand how it operates, or call it what it is while working with their client.

This is why the type of shamanic work we do is incredibly valuable. It sees and acknowledges the soul's entanglement in corruption and frees it. Shamanic work at it's heart is about retrieval, liberation, restoration, justice, holy communion, divine union, atonement, correction and making ammends. It honors the human struggle and moves a client from retrieval to full integration. It's a holistic, well rounded approach to healing that works layer by layer and is adaptive/works well with other healing modalities. It sees the dynamics for what they are and helps you put a stop to it by revealing it to you very clearly.

© 2020 by Srimati Arya Moon

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