Communion and Bhakti: Simplicity is Key

Updated: Jul 17

"The Apple Tree" Acrylic Painting on Canvas by Srimati

The merging of human and Spirit=Divine Marriage.

The simplest way this is expressed is by just being in communion, everything outside of that is just for us as humans. Human comfort. A human need. The need is understandable, desirable even (one must still eat and live), however, the point is to understand the pure simplicity of this bhakti-of-the-heart; being. Sitting in communion. Inviting the Beloved to dwell and commune. Then taking that communion into those human activities—the prayer, the asanas, the Satsang, the chanting, the everyday living. Those things can be gateways to this state of communion, but just understand that they don't have to be and you absolutely don't NEED them to access this communion. It is as organic as breathing and every single person is worthy as they are, they don't need to earn God's presence in their heart, they just need to invite it, feel it, and allow it. The rest of that stuff is really just stuff created for activity and exercise, or to cultivate more perceived ideal conditions. The main point in transmitting this is to help bust this wide open as a system of belief altogether. Those systems are not needed to attain communion, they merely support it.

This simple message of communion and Divine marriage, the wedding of the spirit with the human, is what Bhakti Yoga is all about at its core. The religious aspects of bhakti, which can be experienced in every religion across the globe, are not necessary to access it. These are prescriptions of the human mind and invention; activities that keep us busy, adding a complexity to our lives that at best help open us more deeply, and at worst lock us in dogmatic and fanatical thinking.

Yet what we can observe from those who are born without any of that is a simplicity of being in communion that is wholly free and wild and natural.

Sit with Jesus in your heart. Simple.

Sit with Mother Mary in your heart. Simple.

Sit with Buddha in your heart. Simple.

Sit with Tara in your heart. Simple

Sit with God in your heart. Simple.

Sit with the Goddess in your heart. Simple.

Humans complicate things by their need to be doing and the belief they have in their impurity and unworthiness.

While there are benefits to that, communion is simple and goes beyond it all. It is the fastest method to God. What prevents people from accessing simple communion is a belief in sin. A belief in an inherent unworthiness and a witnessing of their darkest propensities as unworthy for the eyes of God. It is shame.

Communion is actually the medicine bomb for our deepest feelings of shame and is based in the notions of somatic movement—the act of witnessing. Observing. Seeing, feeling when something is triggered or comes up in the body and mind, and just being present with it—totally seeing and feeling it in a space of surrender, with God as your witness. God witnesses you and then makes a correction within you where that shame and corrupted belief exists. This then begins to repattern you to be more wholesome and flowing more in tune with the Spirit so that whatever activities you do, whatever yoga or movement or meditation is done, it's done for other purposes and not for communion.

When we can just sit—sit and be, not doing anything, but be with the Beloved in our heart in that communion and allow God to witness all of that unworthiness, shame, and darkness and let ourselves be truly witnessed by ourselves and God simultaneously, it results in profound transformation that can be acted upon in the everyday. The idea is that we are taking our communion with us in everyday action, allowing that witnessing to guide us in every moment, rather than the point of access being reversed.

The reversal has been the problem. (This reversal is present and expressed in many ways, more on this later). We don't need anything to access communion with God. We just need to be and allow it. Again, what often prevents this is a belief that we are unworthy as we are and must do all these other things to get there. That God could possibly not love us as we are, which is not true. Communion is simple and requires absolutely nothing but receiving and believing that we are loved as we are. In that space, we can meet God fully and the transformation occurs.

It's as simple as this: don't hide from God.

God does not want us to hide from Him. He wants us to see ourselves and not hide in the dark. He wants us to bring what is in the dark into the light to be seen and known, even the shame. Our most challenging action then is to simply allow ourselves to see what is there and to be with it in complete acceptance. Not trying to change it. But just seeing it. Being with it with God as our witness. Yes, this is you. Yes, here you are. Let yourself be known. From there, the most incredible transformation occurs, and that transformation is for you alone to know, inside and out.

© 2020 by Srimati Arya Moon

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