Divine Womb-in-hood

Updated: Oct 14

"Of Seawater, Moon, and Starlight" Watercolor by Srimati

As a priestess of the Goddess, I am learning the sacredness of life and what it means to be a woman holy connected to the Mother (matriarchy).

đź’–Relationships are the glory of Heaven.

đź’–Our bodies are highly sacred vessels with living, breathing intelligence designed to be perfect communicators (temples) with the Divine. They are designed to be sovereign and free from corruption, and we are entitled to restoration when our boundaries are violated.

đź’–We are each entitled to receive wholesome matriarchal or patriarchal codes respectively, and are intrinsically wired to be guided by those codes respectively, as per what our inner being dictates. If there is any area where we are being hijacked from ourselves here via boundary violation, we have the right to be freed and made sovereign and return our codes to their state of wholeness.

đź’–Feeling fluidity, acceptance, and presence are the secret to our magic.

đź’–Safe and holy integration of our many selves results in a unified individual field/selfhood.

đź’–How we treat one another matters and honoring one another and holding others accountable is needed to facilitate healthy and wholesome connections.

đź’–There is a sacred truth woven into the Heavens: the womb of the universe from which all life is transformed into being.

đź’–I have a right to Divine marriage, which liberates me from all corruption (sacred marriage with the wholesome Divine Masculine AKA God the Father).

My body is the micro of these truths. I birth life through my body. I facilitate holy relationships and honor my husband and daughter as the closest to me. I claim myself as holy Divine Feminine, belonging to the Mother Goddess who is the birther of all life.

The Goddess is my guide. She is the one LEADING this vessel as the matriarchal force of my feminine being. Every cell of my body is the microcosmic matriarchal truth of wombin, the holy Womb of the Universe.

This is Divine womb-in-hood *to me*.

© 2020 by Srimati Arya Moon

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