Don't Destroy Your Victim

"Into the Light" Art by Srimati

If you're too afraid to see yourself as the victim, you'll never be able reach and access the layers of yourself that genuinely feel victimized and have geneuinely been victimized.

It's my experience that those pieces of my self hold the real keys to my sovereignty more than any other part of me. They are real parts of myself that have been through some real trauma and difficult ordeals and are needing to be recovered, deeply tended to and cared for, loved, then integrated back into myself. If I'm too disgusted and afraid of victimhood, I will never, ever reach them.

This is why victimhood does not phase me in the least. I can handle people in their victimhood and see the Shamanic perspective that reveals the part of them that is lost. I know what is needed for their recovery and I'm patient with people. That being said, if a person is not willing to take responsibility for their victim and take the steps to restore themselves, they will most likely be stuck in victim consciousness for the rest of their life. And that is a genuine tragedy for their soul.

Your Victimized Self Holds Value

The value of your victimized aspects is they will tell you exactly where your boundaries and integrity exist. It's only when you do not heed that that the victim comes out, reminding you that they feel violated by their sovereignty being infringed. Once you become conscious and root out violating behavior, the victim becomes your full responsibility to listen to and see. See where you are hiding and running and outsourcing your power. That victim is not your enemy. She is the one who will show you the truth of what you need to restore your sovereignty and hold yourself with dignity and honor. She is the one who will ask you to stand gaurd at the gate of your selfhood with vigilance that you will protect her from those who do not honor you or care about you. When she shows up, ask her what it is she needs. Do not push her to the ground and tell her to pull herself up by the bootstraps.

I personally don't operate under the paradigm that people are not victimized by atrocity. It would not be Shamanically ethical for me to do so. Our Guides would have something to say about it because they are champions of justice and retrieval and are serious advocates for those who have been wronged. Their job is to right wrongs and restore what has been lost, stolen, and held hostage.

© 2020 by Srimati Arya Moon

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