Feminine Gnosis

Updated: Aug 21

"The Resurrection" Acrylic Painting by Srimati

Gnostic spirituality is about revelation in the body, receiving mystery teachings and initiation through the Self, guided by Spirit. A process called somatic witnessing results in deeper gnosis being known.

Feminine Gnosticism is revelation as it relates to the Divine Feminine and the female body. The Self experiences eternality, the state of eternity, from the perspective of the Feminine Being, Potency, and Power, which is not at all a limiting perspective, but actually, by its very nature, a deeply expansive one. For to understand the Feminine is to understand the heart and womb of God itself. What we know about the womb is that it is expansive by nature. It has the ability to expand as life within it grows. Such is the nature of Feminine gnosis. The more our understanding of Femininity grows, the more the container expands for our enlightenment, revelation in the body, and thus, embodiment. It is an ever-expanding process that takes us into Infinity.

Gnostic Femininity is a revelation in the body and its experience is known through the rites of passage of womanhood, where we are initiated into deeper states of Feminine consciousness and understanding through our biology and natural walking of life. It is also more deeply revealed to us when we utilize somatic tools such as meditation, yoga, embodiment practices, and somatic experiencing (witnessing the self internally in relation to our outer experiences).

I deeply believe that this is a birthright for all of womankind and that if women and girls could understand this birthright, they would never abandon themselves, their womanhood, or their femininity, but rather they would know the sacredness of their body and the intrinsic value of their womanhood. Femininity would be celebrated, not for makeup and beauty products and being outwardly petite, dainty, and feminine appearing, but for embodying a deep and potent inner truth; the internal potency that is the deep mystery of the Feminine.

I myself especially feel for young girls, who are often existing in states of dysfunction with their bodies and Femininity, for they believe it to be a liability or something they are unworthy of due to their physical appearance or mistreatment from others. Nothing is more heartbreaking to me than this occurrence and it is one of the reasons I am dedicated to my Divine Feminine ministry as a hope to help reverse this and construct a holistic, true, and Divine understanding of what Femininity and womanhood truly are.

My ministry is all about embracing this process and providing support for all aspects of it; for all of a woman's ages and stages, and for the many spiritual questions she will naturally have as a woman, often which are rarely answered for her in any other circle in her life. It is for this that my ministry was created. As an answer to a call for Feminine centered spirituality that is deeply holistic and intrinsic and is based in the ministry of women as Divine Feminine.

If this interests you, then I invite you to dive deeper into my body of work (books and writing) and engage in the support services offered in this space.

© 2020 by Srimati Arya Moon

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