Free the Children

Updated: Jul 17

"Whimsy of the Innocent" Inked Drawing by Srimati from "Down to Earth" Coloring Book

If you want to live radically free, then you must free the children and allow them to live completely unburdened by the sins of their blood.

Let them be their own people, decolonized by a society with a bloody, colonial history. Let them not hold the burden of the forefathers on their shoulders. Let them be innocent. Let them be their own. Let them experience life on their own terms. Let us not place the burdens of our crippled selves upon them or blame them for the wrongdoings of those who came before them. With each new birth, let us wipe the slate clean and celebrate the renewal of life, that with it arises an evolution that blesses the future.

© 2020 by Srimati Arya Moon

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