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Holy Communion and the Restoration of Sacred Relationship

I'm a deeply sensitive heart. Letting myself BE that and open to wholesomeness, what I call the state of holy communion, is eye-opening and heart-breaking. It is so because it has revealed to me the extent to which our world has been corrupted from the purity, the true and everlasting goodness, of Heaven and family. As I awaken, I can feel it on my nervous system, where this corruption has seemed to blind and poison me and those I have loved so that we cannot experience this sweet and wholesome interaction.

We live in a world where people will talk about God and conceptualize God, not ever realizing that God is not just one being but an entire family and holy Queendom that we are a part of. We talk about God as if it is a grand and distant concept that is entirely beyond us, that we must fear and worship, intellectualize, study, and contemplate. Seek for power and oneness. Or become warriors of dogma and fanaticism for.

My experience of God is entirely communal, relational, and familial. It's like a homecoming that wraps the heart in safety, stability, and loving parental and familial embrace. It isn't there to shame us or submit us. It's there to gently and lovingly tend to our broken hearts and souls and piece us back together and guide us back home. It is there for love, connection, and communion and to bestow upon us correction, atonement, and restoration.

It is communing with this place that opens us to the sweetness and wholesome reality, where relationships are the expression and communion of God's glory, not a punishment for past karma, not a distraction from spirituality, and most certainly not just business. Our relationships in the physical mirror the purity and wholeness of those beautiful Divine relationships and reveal the glory of God's truth as our family. This is God's glory being revealed to us and holy communion is the very thing that bestows this understanding on us so we can receive that revelation in our own families and friendships, where there is respect and honor.

This to me is the very basis of Shamanic work. It's not a selfish, vapid experience, but one that restores the essence of relationships in their purity. It first restores our relationship with God and the Divine, and all else that is wholesome flows from there. It will work on us with whatever is closest to home and restore those relationships first.

For me, everything else is a distraction from this sacred communion with God and with one another. We are thrown into utter ignorance, blinded by forgetfulness and selfish pursuits of vanity, lust, greed, pride, and intellectualism. This is not about shame either, because the very nature of our society and world has each of us hard-wired to do so (call it Patriarchy, capitalism, colonialism, what have you). And because of it, we cannot see the sacredness and holiness of one another and our relationships.

There is a pathway that delivers freedom by waking us up to the truth and restoring us to this wholesome interaction.

Let us receive this restoration and be restored in our Divine Family that we realize how very sacred and precious we all truly are to one another.