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I Am Moon-y

I am moony.

I’ve got the moon in me.

Her song rippled through time into my bones and blood as a small child.

I’ve felt her pulling me, filling my heart with the wild

Yearnings of emotion and a gleaming bright passion.

Her gravitational force thrilling my body with butterflies and ocean waves; smashing.

Activated my blood and nervous system; sensitive to feeling and the movements of the heart.

The muse weaving presence and song in the fibers of my soul’s art.

Dancing with the Sun, Heavens, and Earth;

they say she is cold, dead, inert.

But I see a life as big as the vast night;

cool, caressing, brilliant, activating and moving with starlight.

I feel that moon energy in me;

waxing, waning. Eclipsing. Beaming full moon, silver and shining the sea.

Guider of my vessel, initiator, and giver of life. The mysterious veiled and brilliant knowing

orb and oracle. The creative tidal force veering me to unknown depths; pools flowing

blood red on rock with the wisdom of a thousand eons;

linking the chain of sisters, mothers, billions.

Veiled to the ignorant blind

that curse, suppress her light and power. Shine!

That moony Lady of the sky.

I am she, says I.

Let it be.

That men not know the secret she has kept in me.

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