Learning Your Nervous System

"Serpant of Light and Wisdom" Inked Art from "The Potent Woman" Coloring Book by Srimati

Nervous system awareness is a key part of embodiment. Learning to feel your spine and the interconnections within the body are necessary in order to strengthen the nervous system. This is because you cannot develop resiliency (that which strengthens nervous system response) without knowing when and where and how and why your nervous system is responding.

If you are sensitive this is even more so. Sensitive peoples are more vulnerable because they are deeply, sensitively, feeling through the nervous system and are more responsive to their environment as a result. If you identify as an empath, keep in mind that much of what you are feeling is actually your own nervous system response to other people's experiences and body language. It isn't that you are actually feeling their feelings, it is that, utilizing your senses, you are able to read their experiences and body language and your body is having an emotional nervous system response to that. This can be connected to a million things, including traumas and triggers, you have within yourself while your body is attempting to communicate to you via the feeling ***this is threatening me and I want you to notice so you can do something about it***. This puts you in flight, fight, freeze, or fawn as your body goes into survival mode to respond to the threat it perceives.

What is required in this situation is deeper embodiment and ability to both sense and understand your nervous system's response so you can 1. Know what it is exactly that is causing you to respond (this could be your body communicating a trauma--such as with PTSD--or bringing your attention to an awareness to respond accordingly), and 2. Develop resiliency to the situation. Resiliency is your ability to respond to your nervous system experience and provide yourself with what you need to regulate yourself (wire your nervous system for internal safety).

An example is that every time your family member is codependent on you, you feel frustrated and angsty. You blame this on being an empath and say, "Hey I am feeling all their feelings. Nothing I can do about it. I'm just too sensitive and can't help it!"

What your body is actually telling you is "you are in a codependent dynamic and it is harming us. Please stop." In the future you recognize the codependent pattern, how it feels in your body, and you know how to stop the dynamic before it harms you.

Providing yourself what you need and putting a stop to codependent and toxic dynamics will strengthen your nervous system as a result!

If you want to learn more about nervous system awareness and feeling alchemy while simultaneously getting deeply in tune with your feminine cycle and body, My Moon Moid Journal Feing Alchemy Guide was made for you.

© 2020 by Srimati Arya Moon

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