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Let Devotion be Free

There are some days when I absolutely cannot pray in the traditional sense. Words cannot come out. I cannot lay myself down that way. Meditation isn't the right medicine. The usual routine is suffocating.

What works for me is breaking routine and putting my prayer into something else with all of my heart. Maybe dancing or taking a walk in nature. I move my desire for connection to a different bridge and it suddenly shifts the energy. It teaches me the importance of movement and keeping things fresh and allowing those medicines to reach me as they must. I've even learned to integrate my journey and ceremonial work into somatic practices and life's movement. It's simply applying consciousness, feeling, and intent to whatever it is I am doing and moving into dreamspace with it.

That stagnation can come when we cage our devotion without letting it breathe and transform. Devotion, like truth, loves to be free to flow and work her medicines as it's needed. So I am learning to uncage her and do unexpected things as I am inspired.