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Libra: Equanimity, Self-Containment, and Communion with Self, Universe, and Relations

Updated: Oct 1, 2022

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The energies of Libra invite us home to unity and equanimity, where we can experience balance and communion with all of Creation and all our Relationspast, present, and future. There can be a misunderstanding when we say a union between spiritual and material worlds when we see things from a dualistic perspective. From the unity of the Web of Life framework, we are operating from the understanding that we are talking about the same thing: Creator and Creation are one. Separation consciousness sees those worlds as existing apart vs. as a self-contained whole with many connected parts within the whole. This can be problematic because it makes connection and union seem like something to strive for vs. something that already is. Something we can attune ourselves to by simply feeling its subtle presence within and connecting.

Here, we are all connected as a family unit, self-contained in a greater contained system, much like the cells in our body. There is no greater time to experience this than in the Autumnal timeframe when the "veil between worlds" is thinning, and unity reigns supreme with the Libra essence.

The Web of Life teaches us to see the world from an inherently connected and holistic framework, not a dual disconnection, and there is Equality for Eternity for all. All of us are welcomed into the "Kingdom," or Queendom!

We are also guided to tend to these relationships, which is the true Spirit of unity. Rather than enmeshing ourselves together and blurring boundaries, we acknowledge individuation and respect individual sovereignty. Yet we tend to our relationships and ask for others to meet us. We become aware of toxic dynamics and old power structures threatening equality and Self-hood. We fill our hearts with the strength and courage to let those old ways crumble as we set ourselves free. We give thanks and pay homage to all Living Entities for their individual contribution.

There is still self-containment in the system, but it is not inherently disconnected or dissociated from the whole. Here, we are not seeking to ascend out-of-body but are experiencing union within the body as the pathway of life. Embodiment becomes the path. The felt sense is how we access this holy communion and connect to everything.

Cellular Wisdom

animal cell, cellular transport, cell membrane, cell wisdom, somatic arts, somatic practice

Self-containment is the wisdom of ourcells. Cells have a cellular membrane that keeps/moves the right stuff out and welcomes the right stuff in. This is accomplished through the membrane and its selective permeability and active cellular transport, utilizing receptors and channels that only open for the right substance and allows waste to leave the cell. The membrane keeps the cell self-contained and functioning to support the greater system's work; evolution and growth. Within us is a biosphere of self-contained cells and systems that make us up. Our cells even have tiny, self-contained "organs" called organelles! Nature is intelligent that way.

This intelligence of nature has self-containment built into everything down to the smallest atom, held together by the strong Force, expressed as the gluon. Cells, the smallest living organisms, experience connection via chemical messengers; the flow of energy within the cell via channels that communicate with the cell.

The Force holds us together as individuals in a greater system of connection to and within our ecology. We can experience bonding and connection by tuning into the felt sense of connection and energy flow, and, following the wisdom of Libra's air element, by experiencing the air and its life-giving atoms as a connective breath that connects all living entities.

We can learn Self-containment by understanding the wisdom of cells and by homing in on the felt sense of Self and boundaries. As a result, we can connect with the greater whole and experience intact union within ourselves.

Invitation: Experience the felt sense of self-containment in connection with the breath.

Connection with containment

In this practice, we will connect to ourselves within to get a sense of unity in our self-contained system, then connect to something without and experience what it feels like.

For this practice, sit in a comfortable chair or sit in Easy Pose on the floor. Close your eyes and imagine you are like a cell with a membrane surrounding you. The membrane has special channels that selectively let nutrients in and allow waste to leave the system. As you breathe, imagine a white, sparkling substance flowing through the channel and into your lungs. As you breathe this in, imagine it permeating every part of your body, energizing your cells with a holy awareness of the interconnection of life. Feel into the felt sense of this holy awareness. If you can get even the smallest sense of it, expand into the sensation and see if you can increase your awareness. What does it feel like to connect to this substance within your own sense of Self?

Imagine this substance moving through your body, collecting all of the waste in your system that needs to go. With each breath, imagine this substance traveling through every part of you, grabbing onto anything that doesn't belong in your system.

Now imagine, with each breath, this sacred substance is moving this toxic waste out of your body. Inhale, this substance fills you up with Life, energizes your cells, and connects and communes with you; exhale, it moves out anything that doesn't belong in your system.

Now open your eyes and look around your environment. Notice if there is anything there that brings you comfort, peace, or joy. It can be a living being, place, or thing. Focus on this and feel into the felt sense of connection. Imagine this sparkly white substance surrounding what you are focusing on, swirling in and around it and as it. Now imagine a pure flow of connection between yourself and whatever you are focusing on. Imagine you are both like cells connected together in a neural network, and the substance is like electricity linking you together. Feel into the felt sense of this connection. What is the difference between the two of you? Can you feel the differentiation?

Rub your hands against the tops of your thighs and repeat, "I am here and I am me. It is safe to experience connection in my body."

As you end your practice, imagine this cellular membrane surrounding you closing. It only opens to receive this nourishing Spirit and connection when you want it to, as you breathe, eat, and interact with life.

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