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November Sunsets of Mount Shasta: Photo Gallery

Sisson Meadows Mount Shasta: Sunset. Photos by Srimati

I want to share this beautiful photographic portfolio with all of you of several sunsets from November 2022 Mount Shasta. We had some truly beautiful cloud formations over Mount Shasta and the western Eddies.

As an avid lover of the Wind and Sky, there is nothing that brings me more joy than Sky watching while feeling the energy of the Wind cradle my body. I feel deep states of reverie and awe from watching beautiful, billowy clouds form gorgeous shapes across the vast sky-scape expanse. Here in Mount Shasta, my favorite place to observe and hold presence with the Sky are at Sisson School and nearby Sisson Meadows, where you can quite literally feel the convergence of the Sky and Earth in a 360 view of the mountains.

When I do happen to find an especially dreamy sunset, I whip out my camera and take pictures and thank the Sky for the profound experience and artistic witnessing.

The photos in this blog were taken at different times during sunset, so I am catching different colors and expressions of light. It is really just incredible to witness and a privilege to capture. I hope you enjoy sharing in the beauty of the partnership between the Sky and the Land of beautiful Mount Shasta. Enjoy the photos.

Sunset at Sisson School, Mount Shasta California