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October Video Tarot-Energy Reading with Ash-lee

Guest writer, educator, and Youtuber Ash-lee Jeanne shares an Energy-Tarot reading she created specifically for our SAMSAC community.

Welcome to October, Dear Ones.

Here is the Tarot pull for the month of October. Watch the quick video to receive a deeper understanding of the meaning of the cards.

Deck: Mystical Moments

Mind: Knight of Wands

Body: The World

Spirit: Two of Wands

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October Tarot Energy Reading by Ash-lee

Invitation: Offering an invitation to watch the full reading video to understand the energies more fully and integrate them into your hearts and lives.

Overall, we have a fiery energy, one that promises movement and opportunities, invitations and offerings. Some parts of our lives will be FINALLY finding culmination in our lives and hearts, and other things may be beginning. Take small moments to find your center, to know embodiment even in small ways. With energies that move more quickly, you may find it meaningful to utilize practices that help you create ease and centeredness within your being.

To connect with Ash-lee:

Follow her on Youtube: Like and Subscribe

Follow her in Instagram: @moonzoulmagic

Visit her Etsy Shop: @moonzoulmagic

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