On Loving People as God

"Cosmic Kiss" Inked Art from the Coloring Book Cosmic Wonders by Srimati

We are told to love everyone as God even if they hurt or shame us, but practically speaking what does this look like?

It doesn't mean we become a doormat. It means we call people to rise up in the part of them that is their God origin. It means we do not excuse their harm, but ask them for accountability and call them to sainthood.

We lay our forgiveness and allowance of continued relating on a system of accountability and making ammends. We ask people to become responsible and root out corruption and welcome themselves back home to their origin.

We do not excuse bad behavior. We love while asking them to become capable and trustworthy. And if they choose not to rise up, we erect solid and healthy boundaries so that our own integrity and the integrity of our community is never compromised. We stand for God, but we do not stand for the harm that people do.

© 2020 by Srimati Arya Moon

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