Our Indigenous Nature

"In Nature We Trust" Inked Art from the Coloring Book "Down to Earth" by Srimati

I encourage people, no matter their cultural or country of origin, to see themselves as indigenous. Just the word itself is filled with an incredible potency that can cut straight through our societal brainwashing and simultaneous bullshit. It can cut through the disruption to our selfhood at the quantum level.

To me, being indigenous is about connecting instantaneously to the mother earth and to the heart and soul of myself. Yes I am indigenous. Not to America and its culture of hot dogs and hamburgers (as my husband would say "cheeseburger cheeseburger pumping gas"). But rather to the earth, the cosmos, and to Heaven Herself.

I am so much more than this body and simultaneously I am indigenous TO this body. Ahhhh....the sheer polarity of it is incredibly mystical and expansive. It fills me with such a deep curiosity about who I am that transcends the identities we are encouraged to grasp onto to fit in to identity groups. And to be politically correct, essentially creating a cognitive dissonance inside ourselves where we are policing who we are, our expression, and locking us in dualistic thinking.

But to be indigenous to myself...my body...my earth...my universe.

My Heaven.

I am apart of something that is working THROUGH my body, through this earth, to communicate with me greater truths. Greater knowings. Greater awareness. This indigenous NATURE...is...beyond beyond.

It's whispering to me across time and space, speaking to me through my DNA, through my breath, blood, and heart beat.

When I think about such a magnanimous truth, I fade into something vastly infinite, primordial, and totally primal and very...human.

I am stripped of so much that is not me to be replaced with an awareness of the vast me. The me that is sweetly and anciently human and, simultaneously, infinite Spirit.

Here I am simply: warm blooded woman. Bleeding. Birthing. Dying. Coming into all the me's as I pass through the ages and stages of this life. Witnessing and feeling. Gazing into the deep, deep mystery of being alive.

© 2020 by Srimati Arya Moon

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