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Remember the Figure Eight

Remembering the Figure Eight of Divine Union.

This symbol is the code of life. You have likely heard repeatedly the infamous line by Carl Jung "He who looks outside dreams, he who looks inside awakens."



The "and" is remembering the figure eight. So many spiritual people spend their lives going inward seeking. While this brings about rich potency and fruit, it can become very ungrounding and isolating when we forget the figure 8. That is that life moves from within to without as well as from without to within. Having a healthy processing of this flow of information, intelligence, experience, and prana is vital. Think of the breath. The breath is taken from without to within, held within, then taken from within to without. The breath mimics the intelligence of the figure 8.

When we only seek from within, we are forgetting about the ways life activates and initiates us. Our rites of passage and moments of awakening are not occurring primarily inside of us. It is a co-creative, co-awakening experience that occurs through our engagement with life. Yes we can control our experience of our feelings from within, but there are things that occur from without that absolutely will and do affect us from without to within, and this is not something to resist and change, but something to embrace and allow to crack us open. It is the figure 8.

Birthing a baby, the passing of a loved one, marriage and union, moments we share with loved ones, conflicts we experience in the world, all of these very naturally and rightfully change us. When we understand the flow of the figure 8, we can transmute, initiate, and activate more consciously. We can integrate and feel through our experiences in a healthful way that does not diminish the importance of our relationships and experiences and their profound impact and influence on our growth and development. It is not the sign of a spiritually weak person that events occurring outside of them impact them. No matter who a person might be, there is always something that will cause their world to shatter and break open. The figure 8 reveals to us the natural and intrinsically life-affirming way prana, spirit, and all things flow. It is the dance of living, the Masculine and the Feminine, the breath, the truth woven into the macro and into the micro. From within to without and without to within. This is how we live, awaken, and become.

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