Managing Pain: Resilient Somatic Response

Updated: Jul 18

"Healing and Pleasure" Inked Art by Srimati from the coloring book "Cosmic Wonders"

Healing and pleasure are intimately connected. As a disabled woman with fibromyalgia, I can attest to this fact. The more I focus on my enjoyment of life and live a Venus lifestyle, the more supported I feel and the more supported my fertility feels, the more balanced my body feels. Women have a right to this as goddesses and birthers of life. Our fertility is designed to be served by the men who love us, and the mother Goddess has revealed to me that this is her desire for all women; that their fertility, and by extension creative energy, be deeply supported and honored by society and by men. The true Heavenly patriarchy is actually all about this and was created to respond to and support Feminine creativity/fertility in all forms. The priesthood was created to protect and serve the Feminine.

Living a Venus lifestyle is not about indulging ourselves with harmful pleasures, but with wholesome pleasures that celebrate us as women.

If you are suffering with chronic illness or pain, this repatterning will be foundational in supporting your healing. See yourself as a Venus goddess worthy of nourishing self care. Visualize it deeply nourishing your body, hormones, and Feminine cycle.

Learning to support and be present with your body in gentle and pleasurable ways nourishes your heart and soul and begins to reach the pain, teaching it to receive love, compassion, and kindness. This supports you and honors you and begins to repattern you to be more receptive and wholesome in your experience with your body.

Pain itself becomes a healing gateway. Pain will teach you to move and rest simultaneously.

Move the body to help the body shift and move the energy, allowing the surrounding tissue to support the hurt or damaged tissue. Rest to allow the body to exist in stillness and restoration.

When pain or hurt comes up, part of developing a resilient response is to give ourselves what we need as it arises, rather than pushing it down and ignoring it and being rough/abusive with ourselves. Move. Rest. Support yourself with pleasurable wholesome self care. Be present with the inner flow and the movement. Listen and feel what the body needs. This is resilient somatic response.

© 2020 by Srimati Arya Moon

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