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Sacred Womanhood

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

Sacred womanhood is the marrying of ourselves as human women to Spirit; to the Divine. It is an understanding of ourselves as women as deeply wholesome, spiritual in nature, and connected to a greater, Feminine truth that transcends the human experience, but that can be embodied and grounded in the physical human body via DNA pathways and codes.

In this way, we transform our experience as women from the mundane to the extraordinary, to the truth. We no longer identify with the smallness placed on us by the world, which tells us we must be xyz to be worthy. Instead, we know our inherent worthiness and connect to the qualities we desire to embody in a wholesome and integral way. These qualities serve us in the roles we assume as we move through life and rites of passage.

Sacred womanhood is about embodying a greater truth and seeing our human experiences as valuable and revelatory. Everything from our monthly bleeding to birthing and nurturing our families becomes incredibly sacred. Our bodies and our experience in them becomes incredibly sacred. Every action we take in the many roles and relationships we fill becomes incredibly sacred. It is here that we honor ourselves and our sovereignty and choices in all ways.

In short, it is about embodying a sacred and Divine Femininity as a woman. In this way, we come to know that all of our human female experiences are filled with potent mysteries and initiations that take us into heightened states of awareness and feeling within our bodies, awakening us to life and to living with greater purpose and a strong sense of self-hood. It is a somatic, active, and alive state to exist in.