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Selfhood Affirmations

watercolor self portraits. Selfhood affirmations. Healthy Self Identity.
"Selfhood" Watercolor Painting by Srimati

I don't allow other's voices to usurp my own understanding of my self and soul, as whispered to me by my heart. I stand firmly in myself and my own knowing that God-Ess has graciously communicated to me through my body as the temple and vessel. My body and sense of self are for me and me alone to receive the intelligence and wisdom of Spirit that is for me and my path. I don't need to receive this from anyone else as it is naturally and inherently my birthright as a child of God-Ess. My connection to God-Ess and my body does not need to go through the portal of another, only needs to be awakened and known through my own body as the gateway and initiator, through my body's interaction and responsiveness with my cycle, life, and other beings that are allies in my awakening, and through my deepening-deeper listening, feeling, and witnessing-into my body.

My body is the wisdom and is the communicator of wisdom.

My awakening is my responsibility and conducted within my sovereignty and individuality, not conflated with another. Everything I need for my awakening is always with me, here now in every moment, wherever I find myself to be at any given moment.

I am myself and no one else. My boundaries and self-identity are not conflated with another, but w-holy sealed to be only merged with God-Ess Almighty, that my Eternal Self be known to me.

I do not kill my understanding of myself. I do not commit violence against myself, or any version of myself and identity, but simply merge my heart and soul with God-Ess that S-He unlock the gnosis of my identity, thereby expanding and integrating all aspects of myself into the greater Being that I Am.

No one is above or below me, but side by side with me in their individuated self.

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