Shadow Work and Evil

"I Am in All" the Divine Feminine is Truth. Acrylic Painting by Srimati.

Shadow work isn't about loving and forgiving evil.

It's about recovering your lost soul parts and integrating them. The ones that have *made contact with evil* and are in need of return and restoration. Those parts in and of themselves are not evil. They are not the corruption, but the corrupted and they are freed from that corruption when they are brought back home and healthily integrated over time.

Evil itself rests in the outer darkness of duality. It is not "Divine Feminine" or a part of love. It is a part of the illusive duality that perverted/corrupted the Feminine and is not truth or wholesome. (In this context of illusion, it means that evil is not the truth. It is a perversion of the truth, is part of the matrix, and does not last. Is temporal in nature).

So let evil in, don't let evil in. But if you let evil in and call it love, don't be surprised when it contaminates everything you love and hold dear, even if you "integrate" it. Evil is not "a part of you" and doesn't belong in your field. It needs to be cast out, not integrated. By the definition I have received from my own Shamanic guides, evil is the corruption of goodness, or the corruption of Sophia (Goddess of wisdom). It doesn't belong to us and our task on this planet is to chop its head off and restore the head of Sophia (wisdom) to return the Divine Feminine (us, our souls) to wholeness and marry to God.

© 2020 by Srimati Arya Moon

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