Shaman: Freeing Us From Corruption

"Baptism of the Earth" Digital Art by Srimati

Shaman is the liberator freeing humans not from the Self, but from that which impedes the Self to become what it would have been had it been free. Shaman is synonymous with the guru, the bringer of the Self from the darkness into the light. He/she is the liberator of humans. This is actually the role of guru, rather than being an "expert", the guru is actually a conduit between this world and the Spirit world that has the ability to see and witness a person's entangled energies, where they are married to corruption. He/she then becomes that person's benefactor and utilizes their power to help the person get free so they can inhabit the True Self.

It was never the Self we needed to worry about.

It is not our Self that we need rescuing from, but the ideas, systems, and beliefs that impede our Self from becoming, blossoming and shining. It is corruption that are we are freeing ourselves from!

In fact, there is nothing wrong with us or what people often refer to as our "ego" or sense of self, it is the invaders we have accepted as us that wreak havoc on our system. They are the viruses and the infectious bacteria and microorganisms run a muck that must be cast out, that the Self may be liberated and made sovereign; free and unencumbered in the true wholesome Self. This results in the ego, the part of the mind that mediates between the conscious and the unconscious and is responsible for reality testing and a sense of personal identity, being purified and brought into wholeness.

Not only does the Shaman help to liberate the Self, but he/she also frees up our connection to our Heavenly Family so that we can receive a purely wholesome and holy communion. In the embodied aspect, pure and wholesome spiritual communion with our Heavenly Family is what leads to the correction of corruption, and is a powerful therapy that can help us become more entrained to wholesome experiencing. This slowly helps us to see where we are caught or stuck in unwholesome relating married to corruption. Shamanic journey work is a wonderful tool that puts us on the path to begin to unravel ourselves from this space and connect us to our Divine Family, so we can freely receive that communion that is our sovereign birth-rite without any corruption present.

Ultimately Shamanic healing by an ethical Shaman has the potential to help us shift the status quo of this world and begin to truly build Heaven on Earth.


© 2020 by Srimati Arya Moon

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