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Shamanism as an Initiatory Tool

A key tenant in Shamanic journey work is initiation, whether it be a rite of passage initiation or initiating the soul into Divine Union and other spiritual rites that seem to have been lost to us in our modern culture. This is indigenous in nature and something that is deeply inherent to us as a people with Divine souls.

Shamanic practice is about getting out of our solely thinking minds and coming back into our primal self that is met with and married to God and the Earth. Here, we understand that we are animals with a biological reality. Here, we also understand that we are souls with a spiritual reality. We understand that at our core, we are indigenous to this Earth and to God and this is what makes us a brother and sisterhood. We are unified underneath this.

Initiation is rooted in these concepts. Without initiation, there is no continuity or growth, there is no birthing or dying. There is only stagnation, and, with stagnation, there are entangled energies and toxicity.

Initiation is the breath that breathes life back into us and takes us across the threshold into the next phase of our evolution.

Shamanic journey work is initiatory in nature, meaning every single thing done in the journey space has powerful purpose and acts as an initiator for the self to be welcomed into a new understanding. It has repercussions for years down the road in life, possibly even lifetimes. This work initiated me personally back into my body and was the rite of passage that guided me to nervous system work and true somatic practice. This work entrains the Self to more freedom, sovereignty, and innocent experiencing.