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Still Becoming

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

"Can you stand in the fire of your truth?"

Something my inner Self asked me as I began to get uncomfortable with sharing my process and truth (again)—because vulnerability is hard. I made a promise to myself not to hide myself anymore and to allow myself to be fully seen as I am in each moment I feel moved to be seen. Not a false or fake version of myself that is my ideal, perfection. But the human version. The one who is still in process. Still developing grit. Still moving through challenges. Still, still, still...still human, yes.

Still...the word that terrifies so many people. I am still...

The practice for me has been to accept who and where I am and stand in the fire of having others see me as I am, even if it means they don't like what they see or it annoys or pokes at them in some way. I experience an internal fight with a part of myself that shrieks in terror "No! They can't see me this way! They won't love me this way!" And it gives me the opportunity to love her and say "It's okay. And you are loved this way."

It's not about being perfect and it never was. It's about standing courageously in the fire of your truth without creating a fantasy about yourself and escaping into it. Just be where you are and witness that being who is showing up as worthy and loveable. Stand in the fire of your truth and don't lie. That is the practice.