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The Dark Fecundity

From dust to dust. Mother Earth Wisdom.
"From Dust to Dust" Acrylic Painting by Srimati

It is in the darkness that we are fertilized and given creative insight/power. It is in the soil, the dirt, the earth that we are composted and renewed. There we are planted and take root. Fecundity relies on darkness: the dark, fertile, nourishing world that exists below to hold us flexibly in place and provide us with the nutrients to thrive. Roots are not a solid structure, but a flexible, webbed one. Like limbs, they crawl through the dirt and darkness to cling to the under, otherworld. Certainly, this below world is vastly different than the above one: no sunlight penetrates the dark mass of earth. Little above-air penetrates the rock and soil of this belly place. By all means, it appears to be a seathing mass of black that threatens to suffocate and kill. Yet it is here that all that is good and green grows. All that nourishes and flourishes life on the walking land.

Likewise, we are held in place by a seemingly invisible and dark, yet substantial, mass and simultaneously fed by it. We don't see God, but there She is.

And likewise, in the macrocosmic Universe, who knows what dark matter truly does for creation--for light, for stars--in the grand scheme of it all. Like the dark earth below us, it may be the Cosmic dark fecundity and soil of creation; of galaxies and stars and planets without end. It may be a place where matter decays and is composted and recycled. It may be the substance, that like soil, holds the root system of the universe in place, what is called The Cosmic Web, fueled by dark energy, just as the dark soil feeds the root systems of plants by the soil's nutrient profile. The cosmic microwave background, the Primal light that has existed since the beginning, may be like the fungal network across the Cosmos, acting as a communication network, whispering Cosmic secrets of unknown, primordial language in holy communion with star systems and starlight. Hidden to the naked eye, but revealed by sophisticated equipment.

Here we see our microcosm mirrored to us in unfathomable ways by the greater macrocosm. We are Imago Dei: the image of the Divine. God is the dark dirt, the dark fuel and fungal network that fuels, ignites, and holds together creation. God is The root system; The Web of Life. There, The Tree of Life germinates and sprouts, like the famed mustard seed Jesus spoke of in parable.

We are brought into this material world, planted in the soil of our mothers womb and birthed in a world brought up from the soil of the Earth. Within our dark bellies exists a miniature universe of cells and microorganisms, taking up residence in our body's own root system of veins, nerve endings, and digestive tract.

Like the Great Creator, our creative source is darkness, the Dark Womb that hatched the Universe, expanding itself across time and space as light on a sea of darkness. The soil that is the birthing place of souls and galaxies.

Let us return here and remember our dark roots. These are not roots of evil, but roots of fecundity; of resting, of composting, of renewal. A dark sea of soil and silence and stillness that begets the next creative cycle and creation. Here, we may be rebirthed and know our creative power and potential. The faith of a mustard seed sprouting and taking life. The hope of generations. In the Dark Cosmos above and the Dark soil below. The figure 8 medicine shield of Earth and Sky.

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