The Divine Feminine is Dharma

"Cosmic Creation" Inked Art by Srimati from "Cosmic Wonders" Color Book

The Divine Mother, through the power of Adi Shakti, coalesces into form the unseen, primordial being of the Divine Father into the nourishing sustenance we call food. When you eat food, you are eating God.

Likewise, this nourishment is contained in every molecule of the universe.

The very nature of the Divine Feminine is to take what she is given through provision by the Divine Masculine and create uniqueness; individuation that holds purpose, space, potency, and a unique point of nourishment and magic. Unseen dharma.

The physical universe is this. Each individual being; human, animal, plant, rock, etc. was created in such a way.

Consider water. There is a nourishment contained in water that no other substance on Earth can provide us. It holds purpose, potency, deep nourishment, and space. It is necessary.

Our uniqueness is not an accident. It is intentional creation by the Divine for the purpose of dharma. You hold purpose, potency, space, and unique nourishment that only you can offer to another soul. And this is a Divine Feminine gift.

© 2020 by Srimati Arya Moon

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