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The Importance of Getting Clear

Be your wild self. Learn how.
"Wild Woman" Mixed Media Painting by Srimati

One of the reasons I advocate for people to get so clear from the influence of others that are placing spiritual awakening and healing so much into models and paradigms with little room to breathe, why I encourage people to get vastly free into an empty space, away from the voices of others, is because I truly believe that in order to blossom into our healing and wholeness, we must be able to get there in our own way without being controlled. Yes, see the shaman. Work with the coach. And also take time to exist away from that and when and if it all gets too stifling, feel free to take off anything that doesn't fit. Sometimes it just needs to be tailored and not by the one who made it or sells it, but rather by God. Let yourself have that freedom. Truly. Deeply.

If say submission doesn't fit. Distance yourself from every voice on submission and go to the silence of the earth, of nature, of nothing even. Be still. Be silent. Release those voices. Take off the masks and let yourself breathe. Take off the paradigm. Take all of yourself back. And let the truth that wants to be revealed be revealed without caging it.

Oh the freedom. To be. To exist without the noises, expectations, and ideas riding waves on the electricity and hormones of your nervous system. It's just you and nothing.

When you come back you begin to see how others' definitions were never really yours. And now you can find the one that is by inviting the Holy Spirit in and allowing Her to work through you. In you. She does her work best on a blank canvas free of pathways of shoulds, coulds, woulds, can'ts, dos, agendas, and fixations. No control. Oh that feels so much better. Much more easeful.

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