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The Intelligence of the Breath

The intelligence of the body is divinely orchestrated for us, not against us. The mechanisms that cause disease and health are both there for us. For us to come into a space of presence with and experience our body as the point of access to God and our Soul.

Our bodies are only rejected when we purely objectify and materialize them, turn away from our spirit and place a nonspiritual importance on their outer expression and their acceptability by others. Yet what we find when we reverse that, within to without, then without to within, is a flow that is more like the breath.

In order for a baby to take its first breath, it must exhale and eliminate all the fluid it has taken in during gestation. The breath is not meant to touch us until we are internally prepared to take it. When we are not internally prepared, it leads to death.

The without taken in without the internal condition of communion and rooted connection to the body, leads to the land of the dead. We're not really living. We are living through validation, a need to prove, and a desire to be accepted in order to be acceptable to ourselves.

The breath teaches us a symbiosis to our environment that is good and intrinsic. If we develop the stillness to listen, we learn through the whispers and functions of our body and the natural rhythm and relationship it has with its environment.

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