The Power of Our Stories as Women

"Indigenous Herstory" Inked Art from "The Potent Woman" Coloring Book by Srimati

Our female stories are so powerful. They can crack us open and reveal to other humans something so much deeper and richer than a fake life filled with shallow pursuits.

They teach us women our origin. They teach us our resilience and our roots. They show us what we are capable of surviving. They teach us how to create boundaries and follow paths of healing.

They teach us that there is something disconnected from our world that is in need of reconnecting.

They light the way and remove the disillusionment of putting on a mask.

Let us listen to one another with presence. When we hear stories of violence, rather than shirk and push our sister away, telling her her story is wrong or that she is a victim, let us simply sit and allow the truth that desires to be revealed, reveal itself, letting the medicine come forth and transform and activate us.

Let us not hate one another. Let us not despise one another. Let us be present with the origin of one another and allow the vulnerability of being human to crack us open more deeply to our primal, cosmic selves.

© 2020 by Srimati Arya Moon

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