The Symbiotic Nature of the Patriarchy and Matriarchy

"Let's Create the World" Ink Drawing by Srimati from "Cosmic Wonders" Color Book

I've recently been meditating on understanding the nature of the patriarchy and what exactly it is. It might seem strange, considering on this earth we have seemed to experience corrupt aspects of this patriarchy. You see many a woman, and even men, chanting mantras such as "down with the patriarchy!" and "deconstruct the patriarchy!". This is actually why I wanted to set the record straight with God, as I had a sneaky suspicion that the patriarchy wasn't what we have been told it is and that it is actually something worth upholding and honoring.

T-shirt Ironically Blaspheming the Sacred Patriarchy in the Name of the Feminine

The patriarchy we experience on this earth has become corrupted by a lack of balance, and seeing, and honoring of the Feminine. It has become corroded from a corruptive force on this planet that is seeking to actually tear the patriarchy down, rather than allow it to exist in wholeness; for if the patriarchy is restored, so too will the wholesome matriarchy, the Divine Family, and the Kingdom of Heaven be restored. Corruption does not want this.

This corrosion is harming our society as the erosion of the family unit is highly prevalent and fatherless families become more commonplace.

There is in fact a wholesome, pure, and good patriarchy that is righteous and reciprocating/complementary to the Feminine matriarchy. The true and wholesome patriarchy is all about the protection of the Feminine and children; it is about fatherhood and protecting the precious family.

What was revealed to me is that the intelligence and gnosis of the patriarchy is contained in the male lingam and scrotum, and all of the parts of the male reproductive organs. The sperm are contained in the energetic of this patriarchy, as the sperm are the pure potential of creating individuated family members on earth AND in the kingdom of Heaven. Sperm is highly sacred patriarchal substance. When we abuse men and the true, wholesome patriarchy, we damage his sperm and disrespect his role as father and husband/partner.

In India, a sacred ritual exists in which the Shiva Linga is honored and worshipped. The Shiva Linga is placed atop a round vessel that represents the Yoni. This symbol is the sacred union of Masculine and Feminine potential and creativity. The patriarchy is honored in this ritual as the creative potential of God, while the matriarchy is honored as the creation and preservation of God's Family.

According to the Rudra Center, “Shiva Linga is the holy union of Lingam and Yoni and represents the indivisible two-in-oneness of male and female, Prakriti and Purusha, the passive space and active time from which all life originates. The Lingam is seen as a symbol of the energy and potential of God…Himself [patriarchy] and is represented alongside the Yoni, a symbol of Shakti, the female creative energy [matriarchy].” (

Shiva Linga on Yoni Base

This patriarchy is actually in symbiosis with the matriarchy. Just as the lingam contains the intelligence of the patriarchy, the yoni--female womb--contains the intelligence of the matriarchy. The matriarchy as an energetic contains the gnosis and intelligence of the womb, which is transforming in nature.

The patriarchy as a protective system was created in the support and protection of fertility and the creative power as a microcosmic truth mirroring the macro; the pure, invisible potential of Spirit. This makes sense when we consider that the first created being was the Adi Shakti, the Mother Goddess and Cosmic Egg (in Vedic tradition called Brahmanda). She then gave birth to the Supreme Personality of the Godhead, which had 3 aspects: creating, sustaining, and liberating (GOD, Generating, Organizing, and Destroying).

The patriarchy only had purpose once the Adi Shakti was formed. It was brought into form as a system FOR her creative power--in support and response to her fertility and her birthing the Heavenly Family by the transformation of the pure, invisible spiritual substance.

The patriarchy and, by extension, the priesthood are all about the protection and provision for the Feminine creative power, and by extension, her fertility and priestesshood. This does not merely encompass birthing children, but also has to do with her whole body hormonal health, and her utilization of her creative power to bless the world and her family with wholesome opulence and deep wellness. In other words, it's not simply just about having babies. It's about how we utilize our creative power to nurture life with wisdom and creative manifestation. This creative power I speak of is the original power itself (Adi Shakti which translates to first power).

When we study the female fertility, hormones, and cycle, what is revealed is that her health and vitality are based on deep, stress-free balanced nourishment, peace, and wellbeing. In order for her hormones to be perfectly balanced and her cycle to be expressing in healthy ways, she needs to be deeply nourished and spiritually, emotionally, and physically cared for. This is vital to her happiness and inner fulfillment.

Everything about the Feminine intelligence points to the Feminine being celebrated, nourished, immersed in *wholesome* pleasure and comfort, and divine enrichment and enchantment. Even her wisdom, which has been highly sought after since the beginning of time in all parts of the world, is defined by enrichment, understanding, kindness, and compassion.

Her education and connection to higher wisdom and insight, which is of the utmost importance, is based on the enjoyment and enrichment of her inner nourishment and Divine understanding. Her enchantment is embodied in her love for God (which is really love for Herself since God as Masculine and Feminine are indivisible) and is the very nature of Heaven. Her desire is comfort and to give comfort, and she herself IS comfort. Another name for Her is the Comforter (Holy Spirit), which eases the heart with deep nourishment and love. It is never depleting to her.

This is meant to be honored, revered, and humbly sought after by all beings, and especially the Masculine aspect, who is meant to come to her seeking her transformation, wisdom, comfort, and enchantment with reverence and humility. Consider that Masculine potentiality (seed) can only be brought to actualization BY the transformative power of the Feminine. He needs her to actualize and she needs him to receive that potential!

Meanwhile, the Masculine is meant to take the manly path of embodying his inner warrior/king and Divine strength such that he can adequately fill the role of protector and lead provider, which is a highly stressful role, but one his male body-biology is suited for. As a leader, he is meant to lead men in this protective and providing quality, and they become the builders of societies, fulfilling the wholesome needs and desires of the Feminine.

This role is supportive of his hormonal health and testosterone production. It builds up his self-esteem, physical strength, and endurance and supports his moral character. He is able to build the grit he needs to tackle the challenges of life so as to shield the Feminine from anything that may create undue stress on her body, inner well being, and fertility/creative power.

The Union of Masculine/Feminine (Divine Union). In the Story of the Ramayana, Ram (Masculine) Does Everything to Retrieve/Restore His Wife, Sita (Feminine) After Her Capture by the Demon King, Ravana

What we can take from this is that as women, our fertility, self-nourishment, and creative power are deeply loved, cherished, protected, and supported by God the Father/Son (Divine Masculine) and that when we connect with Him, surrender to Him, and marry our souls to Him, we will be guided into this self-honoring by Him and the Divine Mother Goddess (Adi Shakti). If we have partners, we can begin to restore these ancient symbiotic codes slowly to restore ourselves and our partners to our seats of power.

From a practical standpoint, the symbiotic nature of the matriarchy/patriarchy looks like this:

The patriarchy is a protective power that protects and upholds the family and the creation of the family. The patriarchy leads and provides for the family unit in fulfilling the needs of the Feminine and their co-creation, their children and the building of their family kingdom. The matriarchy is Feminine led in which the Feminine guides the Masculine by communicating her needs, desires, and symbiotic choices with him. She expresses her desires and the relationship dynamic she wishes to have with him.

The male-led patriarchy responds to her by fulfilling her comfort, provision, protection, and wholesome desires. He honors her deep insight and wisdom and seeks her transformational ability. The female-led matriarchy responds by her deep fulfillment and inner nourishment, which overflows and provides the masculine led patriarchy with love, sweet nourishment, transformation, creativity, inspiration, insight/wisdom, and devotion. He is filled up, inspired, made wise, bestowed her creative power, and becomes vital. He can now build the kingdom of Heaven on Earth for his family and community and is elevated to King status. Her health and wellness are restored and she becomes like a fountain of Divine Feminine creativity, wisdom, and wealth for her family that aids in this building. This elevates her to Queen status.

This is wholesome symbiosis between Masculine and Feminine. This is Divine will for all families.

Nowhere in this model does the patriarchy suppress, oppress, or repress the Feminine. He honors her sovereignty, he fulfills her desires, and he cherishes/responds to her guidance, wisdom, and insight, especially in the roles she is fulfilling. He cherishes her.

Likewise, the Feminine does not belittle the Masculine or bark orders at him. She honors his sovereignty, strength, provision, and leadership in the roles he is filling. She expresses gratitude toward him for his sacrifices. She respects him and asks things of him with reverence and gratitude.

By considering, cherishing, and supporting her fertility, her self nourishment is intact. She is experiencing her wholesomeness. She feels safe, comforted, and whole. She feels nourished and capable of giving back.

These Powerful Principles can also be Applied to Manifestation

When we think about the key ways we create and manifest, wholesome creation is based on inner fulfillment. This fulfillment is brought about through the patriarchal powers of potentiality in service to Feminine fertility/creativity.

Consider that these principals are active in every human (micro) in men and women respectively, which by and large embody either Masculine or Feminine (macro). These concepts I am teaching can be applied to each person respectively, seeing the feeling state as the Feminine and the conscious state as the Masculine.

The Masculine (consciousness) protects, provides for, and leads the Feminine (feeling) based on her feedback, guidance, and wholesome desire. As the inner feeling body is brought into a state of fulfillment, nourishment, and peace, the creative power of the individual becomes more fruitful.

Manifestation Cycle

Potential>Desire>Feeling State Guiding>Consciousness Responding, Leading, Penetrating, Giving>Feeling State Receiving>Seeded>Feeling State Fulfilled>Transformation>Birth>Manifestation

The Degradation and Needed Restoration of Matriarchal and Patriarchal Codes

Ultimately, the patriarchy is not a negative or corrupt power. It's wholesome and good. It is needed by the Feminine to make space for the matriarchy rising. It is the corruption on our planet that results in its degradation. Shamanic work has the power to restore both the patriarchy and matriarchy to their wholesome, complementary states and expression. When a married couple, man and woman, take on this work together, they can restore the union to a wholesome, Divine state.

When we tear down the patriarchy, we tear down men and their manhood. We tear down the power that is imbued in their reproduction and creative power (which is potentiality). We destroy their sperm. As men get displaced from being heads of wholesome and intact family units, they lose their kingship and place in society, and society literary begins to crumble slowly (to learn more about this relationship between men's identity and civilization decline, I recommend reading the book "The Decline and Fall of Civilizations" by Kerry Bolton, which goes into detail about how civilizations begin to decline when men lose connection to their manliness and families deteriorate).

Women and men also begin to tear down their Purush principle that governs consciousness, morality, and righteous action. Their connection to the Father is eroded and they are not existing in wholeness with the Masculine.

As men's manhood is degraded (testosterone levels drop and estrogen levels rise), their hormones go out of balance. He becomes more irritable, depressed, and moody; he has difficulty sleeping and is more tired and lethargic; and he gains weight, becomes more complacent, and has less drive (in life and sex). Men's health is determined by his manliness being respected, honored, and revered.

Likewise, when a woman's womanhood is degraded and she is pushed into masculine roles and her inner opulence/sense of self is repressed, oppressed, and suppressed, her hormones go out of balance and her whole health fails. She becomes depressed, moody, has unstable cycles, and experiences body pain. Her entire body system will fall out of balance and illness sets in; her breast, liver, gut, immune, endocrine, and heart health are all compromised. Women's health and fertility are determined by her womanliness (hormonal health and inner nature) being cherished, protected, and nurtured.

Men and women then become distanced from the Shakti principle governing their bodies. They push down and repress their feelings and abuse themselves and their body. They become hardened by life and lose flow, peace, and balance. Their connection to Mother God is dismantled and they are not existing in wholeness with the Feminine.

Women erode over time and lose balance. They become stressed and sick. This causes them to be irritable, closed off, fearful, and unhappy with life. If there was abuse in her life, this will be even harder for her because she is operating in depletion and her matriarchal codes become vulnerable to corruption as her body/fertility falls out of balance. Her sense of self is eroded and distorted. She must now fight for herself without protection.

The answer is that we need to restore both the matriarchy and patriarchy to their whole, symbiotic states via Shamanic journey work to free the patriarchy/matriarchy on earth from corruption and restore it to the truth, which is symbiotic and honoring of the inherent value in both Masculine and Feminine. We need men and we need the wholesome patriarchy to show up for the Feminine and to show up for the inner Feminine principles (feelings). We need more men in ethical Shamanic priesthood roles, fully in their power as men, to assist with this restoration.

My ministry, while Goddess honoring, is in no way tearing down or deconstructing the patriarchy. The Mother Goddess honors the patriarchy and has expressed to me how much it is needed at this time to restore the Divine Feminine on Earth. Our Shamanic lineage and journey work is all about the restoration of the wholesome, symbiotic patriarchy that is in partnership with the wholesome matriarchy.

My husband has received the restoration of these wholesome patriarchal codes and priesthood via journey work and has been bestowed the ability to restore these wholesome codes in others through journey work. Additionally, our coloring book, Cosmic Wonders, has the codes contained within them and is a wonderful embodiment tool for receiving and grounding in the wholesome masculine/feminine patriarchy/matriarchy pattern.

The more a man pursues the righteous, ethical, and spiritual path that honors and protects the Feminine, the more he receives this wholesome, patriarchal power. And through it, he is restored in his manhood. I am honored to be apart of this restoration.

© 2020 by Srimati Arya Moon

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