The Transformation Cycle

What we call the menstrual cycle is filled with incredible power and potency. I actually call it the transformation cycle. This is because the Mother Goddess, our cosmic origin as woman, is transformation Herself. She is the creative power that takes no-thing and transforms it into life.

Our transformation cycle takes us through a process where we receive themes to work and grow with every month that then transform as they make contact with the medicines of our body (our hormones) and shift and change what has been provided. This is a cosmological principle working through us, mirrored in our pregnancy and monthly cycle. Even when we are not pregnant and birthing children, we are still moving through a creative/transformation with each cycle that evolves with each year of our fertility.

Learning to work with and honor your fertility can greatly tap you into a well of power within yourself and stabilize you, especially as the people in your household learn about and honor the womb as well.

In My Moon Mood Journal, I have included a wheel I call the Wheel of Transformation. This wheel teaches you how to work with your cycle and notice and observe themes transforming as you move through the cycle. In the image below, I included a sample of what this wheel looks like when it's filled out.

If you'd like to go deeper into working with this concept, My Moon Mood Journal is the perfect way to get started and learn and embody the following concepts:

Feeling Alchemy

Somatic Practice

Embodiment Exercises

Menstrual Cycle and Archetype Guide

Medicines Guide

Transformation Cycle Guide and Medicine Wheel

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