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The Virgin Birth Archetype: Emergence into Life

The Dark Mother Archetype, Black Madonna, Cosmic Mother, Mother Goddess
The Virgin Birth Archetype: Art by Srimati

The Cosmic Egg/Virgin Birth is the archetype that rules over the Waxing Sliver Crescent Moon and the beginning of Winter in January. This is a time of rebirth and renewal; the light is born again and emerging in full force as the Grand Unifying Force expands and becomes many. Space-time is born again and we move from singular contraction into infinite expansion that starts from a tiny, single point: The Cosmic Egg.

Associated Lifecycle Stage: Rebirth: Emergence into Life

Associated Moon Cycle Phase: Waxing Sliver Crescent

Associated Season (Sun Cycle): Winter: the Sun is now moving back toward the Northern Hemisphere

Associated Womb Cycle Phase: Menstrual Phase Day 3

Associated Phase in Cosmological Cycle: The Big Bang: Light is born and time-space expands, creating the Universe.

Associated Gifts: The birth of the Light, renewal, rejuvenation, to be born again. Infinite possibility. Beauty, Abundance, and Dazzling Big Light. The Light of Life.

In the last Lifecycle Archetype, we explored the Dark Mother who asked us the question:

Do you want to be born again?

From the Solstice and into January, we have gone into the cave of darkness and the Dark Womb of Creation as the sun turned stationary and sat in its darkest time to remerge and turn toward the Northern Hemisphere again. We wombed-in to sit with this question and really ask ourselves if we are a yes to building and nurturing life. Now that the sun has turned and is moving back toward the Northern Hemisphere, the days here begin to expand. The light is born again and returning.

Ask yourself what this question means for you, as the question itself might sound scary. What does it mean: "Am I a yes to life?"

If we feel that "yes," it means it is the time to experience rebirth. With rebirth comes a life of possibilities.

The Cosmic Egg is the point of rebirth from the previous cycle. It is the point in time in which we birth the next version of ourselves immaculately, seeded parthenogenically by Spirit. This is a moment of choice in which we get to say yes or no to building life in the coming cycle.

At the Virgin Birth, we are reborn, renewed, and made whole again. We say yes to life and emerge into the next creation cycle with vitality and a sense of newness and restoration, ready to build life, create, and dream. We might feel urges to build dreams for the coming year and feel a sense of energy and power not accessible at any other time. It is an energy that takes us into expansion with our hopes, dreams, and desires. Our light expands and we grow.

Saying No

We might say no to rebirth. Saying no is not wrong. There are many reasons to say no, including grieving the loss of a loved one, healing from chronic illness or trauma, and struggling with stress and fatigue, etc. You will know if you are saying no if you feel unhappy and disconnected from your new cycle and have a feeling of not wanting to be alive. You may feel like you have not necessarily been renewed in this new cycle and want to go into rest and darkness. This can be a scary feeling, one we may resist and feel ashamed of.

I recommend self compassion and releasing fear. Life calls, and we may be weary. What does it mean if we are tired and need a break? If we let go of fear, we can see the wisdom in this call for rest and stillness. It might mean taking time to sit in the healing darkness and go into a year of rest until our bodies are ready to say yes. I have been in this space before, having navigated chronic illness, where I needed to say no to expansion and instead spend a year keeping myself and my energy contracted while I nursed myself back to life. In these contracted seasons, I was so weary and tired that I did not desire to dream or build a life because my body could not sustain it.

Only our soul's have the answer to this question. We get to choose to return to life or to stay within, in the darkest recesses of Spirit to be held and nurtured in the wisdom of the Dark Womb of Creation that can cultivate healing and prepare us to say yes and enter into expansion again. The answer exists in our own Spirit in how we are to move forward in these seasons of continued contraction. It's important, however, to remember that Nature is a continuous cycle, and at some point, we will be renewed with the Light of Life and come into creation again.

To come into wholeness and experience the gifts and talents of The Virgin Birth, it is important to feel and process your emotions about any resistance and the struggles that are emerging to rebirth. Understand where this is coming from; illness, grieving a tremendous loss, or feeling stressed and overwhelmed with life. Foster self-compassion and release any shame or fear you have around your resistance to rebirthing yourself. Getting to the root cause can help you understand what action to take in the new cycle to fully regenerate and revitalize your energy and Life-Force for the next cycle. Remember there are always cycles of rest and darkness in nature. It is normal for women to experience these same types of cycles, where the entire new cycle is centered on restoration and healing. In these cycles, expansion is not as supported. Seek support and connection as you navigate these waters.

The Lunar phase of the Virgin Birth is the Sliver Crescent. It is that exciting moment when one night, the sky is completely dark and the next we suddenly see that sliver of light in the sky, telling us the moon is now waxing and growing to culmination. We can expect to see the moon growing every night, and that may bring a sense of deep soul longing and wonder.

The gifts and talents of this feminine archetype are rooted in the wisdom of the Immaculate Conception; womb-keepers conceive themselves entirely by their own being and natural body process and experience the culmination of the transformation process from the previous cycle. There is a sense of emergence, like the germination of a seed. In reality, we are reflecting a cosmic, Divine truth: all life is born from nothing and moves through a transformation process as the Forces of nature coalesce and transform energy into matter and as time-space expands, creating and forming systems for life. This is the power present in our wombs.

For womb-keepers, The Virgin Birth is a unique part of the menstrual cycle when stem cells become present in the menstrual blood. This happens at about day three, depending on the length of the menses. This wisdom communicates that even while the womb is bleeding and shedding death, life is born again and the womb is being renewed. We are born again from death. From nothing to something.

Connecting with The Cosmic Egg and Virgin Birth

To connect with The Cosmic Egg and Virgin Birth, it is important for us to connect with the first moment of Great Light within the Universe. Some call this the Big Light, Light of God, Son of God, the True Light, or simply The Light. This is the point of emergence, The Source where Life is born. This is the fountain of birth and Light.

In Vedic traditions, this is personified in many ways, but the root sound for it, which is a bij sound, is Sri. This sound is considered a Divine Feminine sound and is often used in reference to the Goddes Lakshmi, who is called Sri Lakshmi.

Sri is articulated in many mantras, and in the Sikh mantras spoken in Gurmukhi, it is sounded as Siri. One such mantra, which is a particular favorite of mine, is the Long Ek Ong Kar Mantra, also called the Adi Shakti Mantra. This is a tantric mantra that connects us to the True Light and Virgin Birth, which is the Universal Soul conceived and birthed immaculately.

The Virgin Birth Mantra (Adi Shakti Mantra): Ek Ong Kar Sat Nam Siri Wahe Guru

Meaning: The Creator and Creation are One: My True Identity is as the Light, Abundance, and Beauty of the Divine, experienced ecstatically in my body as the unveiling wisdom of the Great Mystery (Dark Womb).

This mantra is a highly revered Tantric mantra from the Sikh tradition that is also called the Adi Shakti Mantra. Chanting this mantra brings us into union with the Life-giving Force and the resulting Creation that is an ever expanding, beautiful, and abundant life-giving Light.

I invite you to sit or lay down in a comfortable space. Check your space for cues of safety by looking around the room. Notice if there is anything you can do to make yourself more comfortable or feel safer. Find an object or image in your space that brings you comfort and connect with it.

Now, enter into The Stillness within your own being. It is important here to drop into a state of total and complete reverence, knowing you are about to embark on a journey into communion and rebirth with the Great Light: Sri.

Slowly chant the following mantra three times in a still, steady tone:

Ek Ong Kar Sat Nam Siri Wahe Guru.

Now imagine you are floating in the nothing of space, when before you appears a very tiny dot that is like an egg. You move toward the tiny dot, and it opens up to you, inviting you into it. As you enter into the egg, you find yourself BECOMING the egg. In but a moment, you as the tiny dot feel a great pressure or Force causing you to burst forth and expand and erupt into a Great Light that emerges from you and spills forth in all directions; as you expand, this incredible light radiates forth from you, expanding into this time-space expansion with you. And you begin to take the shape of Life as a Light so bright, it blinds everything. You are Light; a Great and Big Light!

This Light shares with you its vision for your life: it can be whatever you want it be. You are Infinite, boundless, and can expand in all directions infinitely, your light reaching into the farthest reaches of the emptiness that surrounds you. Your growth is unlimited and your are a Force to be reckoned with, fueled by the Power of Infinite Source. Although you are just born, you feel the power of this potent medicine, sharing with you all that you are as Sri: Light, Beauty, Abundance.

Now wiggle your toes, legs, hips, and body, up to your arms and hands. move your head from side to side gently and return fully to your body. What was the felt sense of this experience like? Did you notice any sensations in your body when you met with the Virgin Birth? Were you able to experience Her essence and being as a felt sense in your body?

If you like, you can journal about your experience.