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The Web of Life and Ek Ong Kar

I was recently watching a movie with my husband, Daniel, and we saw a commercial for Google and Fitbit. One of the things this advertisement claimed was that through technology, people could become interconnected with their bodies to their environment. I thought to myself how sad because I know that there is a correct spiritual way to go about this that creates harmony and interconnectedness that these manmade technologies simply cannot offer us. Daniel and I spoke about this and we both agreed that these technologies, while having their uses and coming from a spirit of health and wellness, are not substitutes for true communion. There is no shortcut technology can give us for this type of union, which is experienced and realized through the body as a gateway to the Web of Life and is the true essence of Holy Communion. Through spiritual practice and intentional connection, through honor and devotion to nurturing oneness with nature, and through putting our technology down, we come to the Web of Life.

Ek Ong Kar Sat Name Siri Wahe Guru

Ek Ong Kar is a sacred mantra I repeat daily in my meditation practice, and it means The Creator and Creation are One. Sat Nam Siri means the true identity of Ek Ong Kar is Glory itself (Creative Light, Great Wealth and Abundance, and Beauty). Wahe Guru means this is a lived, revealed-wisdom experience that takes place in the body and it is ecstatic in nature.

In Shamanic practice, it is these deepening states of ecstasy that take us into the altered consciousness necessary to access the Web of Life. One of the things the Mother has told me about the Web of Life is that the World Wide Web is NOT the Web of Life and it is important for all of us to remember that. The World Wide Web cannot give us the connection to our bodies, to nature, to our environment, to Spirit that we are seeking. The Mother (who is The Web of Life) can because Her body is the Web of Life and access point. She is the Shamanic interface. She is Heaven and Earth and nature itself.

This is the Spirit I approach all of my work through and all of my nature adventures through. Connection, harmony, somatic experiencing, union with the Mother (which is the meaning of the Sanskrit word Srimati). Being in tune with the natural world through the body as a vessel of connection. We are the access point to the Web of Life, which wants to commune and connect with us, speak to us, give to us abundantly, and play with us in the natural world playground. We are Her children and are connected to everything. Technology gives us so much, but it can interfere with this connection and take us away from it.

I think of this even as I use technology to photograph my adventures. Technology is a part of the Web of Life, but it is not THE Web of Life and it can never replace it. We have to be willing to put in the time and devotion ourselves to realize the Web of Life.