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Waking Up from the Sleep of Subtle Manipulation: Feeling the Rage all the Way Through

It amazes me when I speak with people about manipulation and brainwashing how almost every person I come across thinks they are beyond it, or at least believes that if it is happening, they are in control of it and choosing the best for themselves. Some will blatantly deny it and claim it's not happening at all. But let me tell you, having studied the techniques companies utilize to influence and encourage buying, all of us are under the influence to various degrees, and 99% of the ways we are manipulated occur beneath the surface of our knowing. These manipulations are not just coming from ads, propaganda, and retailers. They come from every access point of society and even in the subtle invisible realms. They are such subtle manipulations that we simply cannot know the extent of it with our limited human perception. We can begin to know by waking up, and that is a process that takes time, discipline, and a lot of grace. And make no mistake, all of us are in need of that grace. It is because of our limited awareness and the corruption manipulating us that we are really in need of saving grace.

That being said, there may come a time when you do go through the process of becoming more conscious. You begin to wake up and feel all of your fire come through in a moment. That fire, the burning and awareness of just how asleep you've been, is a little like realizing you're Theodin in "Lord of the Rings" and you're under the ugly spell of Saruman with his slimy agent whispering in your ear.

Yes that's you!

But now you're aware of it and it's time to take yourself back, maybe with a little help from a benevolent soul or spirit guide.

Get a little help from a friendly ezer.

You step into another layer of consciousness. You feel yourself waking up, your senses become more alive as you feeeeel the deep feelings of rage and sadness over the subtle manipulations of your being and Self having been locked away from you and controlled as you say no and eject out anything that does not belong to you.

And then you step into your power, grab your sword, and stand tall to face the enemy (anyone who wants to control you and keep you dumbed down and easy to manipulate).

Welcome to freedom. Grab your sword and join the fight.

And then you realize, deep down you knew you were being manipulated, but you just couldn't overcome it. You know you knew you knew. You sensed it deep down, but denied and suppressed it to be palatable and to belong or take in the common thought.

This stage might be confusing. Because here you are, sword in hand and facing an impossible enemy with an insane army. How do you go up against such a force? So when you do gain the courage to take yourself back, you may even suppress the feeling of suppression just to avoid the scary truth that you are up against such a manipulative power that disguises itself so easily.

But feeling it will wake you up. Suppressing it will keep you tired and half asleep. You're not dead inside, you're tired because you're not awake yet. You've been sleepwalking!

You may suddenly realize how much that sleep walking was tied to your suppressing and numbed senses.

To wake up means to awaken the senses fully and completely. It means to feeeeel your Self in all the layers, subtle and physical, of you!

Belonging isn't worth cutting off a piece of you. Have the courage to be who you're meant to be, not what others tell you to be. If you keep hiding in a false safety and groupthink, you will have no choice but to continually suppress yourself. You must feel those manipulations of your senses, which are like shots of Ambien. Feel it when the rage of zombiedom hits you. Yes you have been manipulated while half asleep!

Let the knowledge burn through you. That is sacred rage and it is the firey sun that awakens you so that you can fully reclaim yourself!