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We are Not to Be Worshipped

Ethics in spirituality
"The High Priestess" Watercolor Art by Srimati

Where, as teachers and healers, do we cross a line; the line, of going from being a supporter of the restoration of individual sovereignty and then creating another power vortex with our clients and those we serve wherein we become the object of their affection and worship?

It's a delicate boundary and line. I think of it often for many reasons, mainly it is something I have been observing my entire life. From a young age, I've been observing power dynamics and the way popularity and fame can be utilized as a tool of manipulation, essentially subjugating followers into lines of thinking that is not original, or to their own. There are also power dynamics of abusers and vampires, those who literally feed off of the life force of others.

After moving through school and being disgusted by these power dynamics, while in college I learned about manipulation techniques used by advertisers and found myself on a deep dive quest to understand the extent that governments and corporations go through to actually brainwash people. Usually through commercials and advertisements, making them intriguing and entertaining with the right imagery, color, composition, and lighting. Everything becomes a very intentionally choreographed dance, luring people into a somewhat trance. Like a cobra snake dancing to a flute.

My family members would sit and laugh and talk about commercials like they were storybooks. Hey did you see that so and so commercial? It was so funny!

I never thought they were funny. It actually really bothered and troubled me quite a lot (and still does) that social programming can be this easy.

These techniques are not at all different. Propaganda and advertising are essentially forms of manipulation and gaslighting and vice versa. Manipulation and brainwashing occur at deeply subtle levels where we are actually not even aware it is occurring. This is no secret in the world of advertising. Right down to the way stores smell, the lighting, and the way things are lined up, it is programmed to elicit the desire to buy.

What is one to do when the supposed agents of God and country are bombarding us individually with these types of manipulations? How can we, as healers, avoid falling into this trap? Where can we meet the world of marketing, where integrity seems to be lacking, with the world of spirit, that is integrity by its very nature?

I believe education and awareness are pertinent and necessary. Even so much that when we bring in new clients we are educating them on boundary restoration and maintaining integral relationships with us as healers and teachers.

Our advertising and interactions with potential or longstanding clients and students should be clean and clear.

Being a teacher or healer is about service. We serve. If we ask for an equivalent exchange, we make it known and allow the exchange to take place. Nothing else is asked of the party. We fulfill our duties. We perform our service.

Be aware that what we are doing as healers, teachers, and practitioners is restoring sovereignty to individuals and giving them a leg to stand on. This needs to be stated from the beginning. It's clean, clear, boundaries clearly stated, individuals fully taking responsibility for their own life force. If we see a problem, it is our business and responsibility to address it and nip it in the bud.

Some people say bees come to the honey. But if you happen to be a potent individual with a lot of honey, be aware of the responsibilities you have with that. Be aware of how those bees may try to turn you into their queen. be aware of how your work and what you share can activate people and take responsibility for how this looks, especially if it is related to sexual energy.

We humans are not bees. We each have the potential to be the monarchs of our own body and life force, nor are we to erect a monarch and pour our adoration into them. We live in a time of freedom and freedom by nature is self-rule. We do not bow to any other. And we are not to be worshipped.

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