Your Inherent Wisdom

Updated: Aug 22

"Women are Wise" Inked Drawing by Srimati from "Down to Earth" Coloring Book

We live in a society that does a lot of proving. Evidence, education. Make it more clinical and seek to standardize. This has even occurred with practices in somatics, embodiment, healing, and yoga. The ironic thing? These practices and methods, which hail from regions and lands not inherently of the Western mindset, were never learned that way. We in the west turned it that way.

The problem with conventionality is it disrupts the flow of our inherent wisdom and perception. We are placed into a box of learning and we stop trusting ourselves, our own wisdom, and our own flow of learning.

This is evidenced in the fact that many people who remove themselves from conventionality acquire amazing gifts and skillsets that are learned intuitively. When they had gone the conventional route, they failed time and time again. Their genius was unfolded only when they removed themselves from that structure or box of learning and trusted themselves.

In other words our belief matters. If we believe the only way to learn is to go to school, get certificates and degrees and proof of our learned skills, then that's how we'll learn. But if we go the unconventional route and choose another method and believe in the power of learning through a different source, we tap into a vein of knowledge that has yet to be known by even those who are teaching. This is how the ancient yogis acquired their yoga. No one person taught it to them. They received it straight from the source and passed it on.

This is what I am an advocate of.

Knowledge and yoga are integral, meaning we don't have to get it from a teacher to learn it. We ourselves are the holders of it. It is a knowledge and pathway that is inherent and when we allow and trust that very natural process to work and flow freely, we have complete access to it.

Imagine how much more we could trust in ourselves if we learned in this manner? Allowing our innate spiritual wisdom and knowledge to flow through us and allowed our mentors and teachers to take more of a back seat. Teachers and mentors are not meant to overtake us, they are meant to sit back and allow us to find our own genius. The methods shouldn't be binding or entangling, just tools. The teacher is merely the gateway and initiator. No clinging. No manipulating. No siphoning. A free agent who is clear enough to allow the student to be and open to their own truth.

This is how I learned to work with my feelings and presence. I got still. When I tuned out of formal teaching and into my own life force and being, the knowledge flowed very freely. I learned about somatic living, feminine embodiment, and alchemy from within and accessed it on a totally different level than I had with teachers.

Sit still and be with yourself. You really do have all the answers. The tools are merely gateways, not dogma. And the truth is they are not the only gateway. There's more than one. The way becomes whatever way you choose that opens you.

© 2020 by Srimati Arya Moon

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